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Kim Jackson Hammer  Independent Plexus Ambassador

The NEW Slim ONLY works for certain people......those who drink it❤🤣

Put your trust in the Lord❤

Cry out to Jesus if you are hurting and feel you have no where to turn. Talk to Him❤

Yall...check out Jordan Reynolds! She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and loves Plexus too ❤

HUGE NEWS Y'all!!!!!!!! My personal story is being featured in this book! I'm SO blessed to be apart of this book on millennials in network marketing. This has been almost a year in the works and I would LOVE for you to check it out! You can go to to get the book! PLEASE share with your friends, teams and leave a review! The more reviews we have, the more reach we get! Hope y'all LOVE it!!! I'm SO excited!!!! #GodisSOgood #LoveWhatIdo #Networkmarketing #donetherightway #HealthCoach #Thisiscrazy

Oh my I love Brads story❤

If we had not DREAMED BIG, then Brad would NOT: 💗 Be the 1st person with Down syndrome over 20 years ago to attend his neighborhood elementary school in inclusive classes. 💗 Be the 1st with DS over 10 years ago to play 2 varsity sports in high school. 💗 Be the 1st with DS to graduate from our high school with a full diploma. 💗 Be the 1st with DS to celebrate a 10 year employment anniversary at Wegmans. 💗 Be the 1st with DS to set a new Special Olympics USA Games record in golf. 💗 Be a disABILITY self-advocate, speak at the United Nations, and advocate at Capital Hill. 💗 Be the 1st to.....and the list goes on and on with 28 years of 1sts, and now..... 💗 Be the 1st person with Down syndrome to be an Ambassador and entrepreneur with #Plexus. 💗 If you're curious 🤷‍♂️ and would like to try something for the 1st time, you just might want to ask us about Plexus. We have a pretty good track record of 1sts. 🥇💗 #EntrepreneurDownSyndrome
#SuccessFromHome #WatchMeOrJoinMe
#PlexusDownSyndrome #MenOfPlexus #Manbassador #PlexusGolfer #PlexusStrong #GolfDownSyndrome #FutureDiamond #disABILITYadvocate #DownSyndrome #DSWORKS #Downspiration

People think, "Plexus will make me skinny!"
Here's the TRUTH—Plexus products are about making your body balanced and helping things to work the way they should. Often, as a result of that balance, people DO lose weight.
We don't have an energy drink...we have a drink that helps you find your natural energy by balancing out your blood sugars without pumping you full of stimulants.
We don't have diet pills...we have Probiotics and a Magnesium supplement which help balance out your gut, and rid you of sugar cravings/ yeast overgrowth.
Do you feel unhealthy???
Would you like to feel HEALTHY again???
THAT is what Plexus is about. NOT about getting skinny. It's NOT a FAD. It's a great TOOL to get you feeling like you were meant to feel!
There is a different way! Plexus IS a Natural Health Supplement company that is helping thousands of people!! Give it a try and see if it can help you!!!

Think they had fun today fishing🐟

Y'all... I am blessed with something that has helped me feel AMAZING for the last two years❤ It is amazing when you feel good enough to start exercising at almost 50 years old and have the best tools in your tool belt to help❤❤❤It is all about getting healthy from the inside out! Trust me❤

New #hair! Ready for #summer

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