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Good morning friends 💟 This pink drink is yummy and doing great things in my gut!

Do you struggle with food sensitivities? Google gut health in relation to food sensitivities. ;) Arielle Dennis, an Emerald Ambassador 💚 from Massachusetts, shares why she is taking Plexus: "For 8 YEARS now, I have been battling GLUTEN, and I've had to completely change my lifestyle in response to it. You name it, I've tried it. I've also spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on gluten-free foods. Do you know that it costs me $6 for a 4-pack of bagels?
Yeah... So when a friend started taking Plexus and posting about all its health benefits a year ago, I was incredibly skeptical and scrolled right past it. Every time it popped up on my news feed I thought, "Yeah, okay, that'll be over in a month." Then a few months past, and I kept seeing all that ways the products were steadily improving her health. When I looked deeper into Plexus, I found several people who had gotten rid of their food sensitivities - even gluten.

Immediately I had to sign up. I was still really skeptical, but I knew I had to give it a shot.

So here I am, a month and half in, and I can proudly say I've felt a very big improvement in my stomach. I had a gnawing, dull pain in my stomach every single morning for 8 years, and 1.5 months on Plexus products - BOOM. Gone. I had an awful cold right when I got my XFactor vitamin in the mail, starting taking it and 3 days later - BOOM. Cold was gone. My immune system has been awful since I mysteriously got my gluten issue, anytime I get sick it's for weeks at a time. Not anymore. And not only that, but my energy level is fantastic! I feel sustained and energetic all day, without the need for bits of chocolate or soda in the afternoon.

I can't stress this enough - these products are LIFE CHANGING. ! I'm living proof that these products work - and I want to share the information with as many of you as possible." *Plexus does not claim to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease*


People mock me, I still share. ❤️
People don't believe me, I still share.❤️
People tell me no, I still share. ❤️
People ignore me, I still share.❤️
People are rude, I still share.❤️
When you believe in something, you share no matter what. ❤️❤️ I share because when I help that one person who trusts me and they SEE what I'm talking about is REAL, it makes all the No's worth it. 😊❤️😊 #whyiplexus

Our sad see ya later Key West look 😔

Last night in Key West😔

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