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Waiting on the Taste of Country show to start sipping on a cappuccino and mocha.

I sure have a handsome date❣

While Roger plays volleyball...this is me❤🌺🏖


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THIS IS WHY PLEXUS WORKS If your Blood Sugar is stable... ▪️Your energy will soar, ▪️Your hormones will stabilize, ▪️Your mood will improve,and ▪️Your sleep will become more restful. If your Gut is Healthy... ▪️Your Immune System will be strong, ▪️You will likely not feel nervous or sad, ▪️Your brain fog will disappear, and ▪️Your skin will glow. If you reduce Inflammation in the body... ▪️Your discomfort will go away ▪️Your body will not be stressed, and your body is armed to combat illness. Plexus has an amazingly easy system that will help stabilize your #BloodSugar, improve your #GutHealth, and decrease #Inflammation:
1) SLIM (aka pink drink)
2) BioCleanse
3) ProBio5

No #diets. No #deprivation. No meal #replacements. #Eat #healthy and real #food! Just a #plantbased #PINK powder to mix with water in the morning and two #supplements to take. It's that easy! 😁

People always ask me if we are backed by doctors or if we have doctors on our teams. The answer is YES! We actually have tons of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, holistic doctors and chiropractors. Here is just one example from a Family Medicine Doctor!

Dr. Ami Foster from Katy, TX received her medical degree from University of Texas-Houston Medical School in 2000. Dr. Foster is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Foster says... "In a quest for health and wellness since 2009, I have recently been blessed with discovering Plexus products. I had researched them multiple times due to my patients asking questions about the ingredients and whether it would be safe for their specific health conditions, but I never thought much about it personally until I started hearing about their specific results.

Patients with diagnosed blood sugar issues with improved sugars and getting off medications.
Patients with autoimmune issues, allergies, migraines that were no longer suffering. Patients with chronic insomnia that are finally able to sleep.
Weight loss has also been an overwhelming theme amongst my patients who are on the medications.

Due to my personal issues with chronic fatigue, migraines and allergies, I have done extensive research about gut health, diet and exercise as well as supplements that can help battle fatigue and yeast and bacterial overgrowth in the GI tract that can lead to leaky gut and fatigue, migraines and allergies.

I have tried lots of things-several unpleasant at best while trying to battle these issues. My cousin, Debra Underwood Crump and her daughter Kari Hollis started using Plexus and also had great results. So, I started doing more extensive research on the products with them and decided to try them.

I jumped in whole heartedly as a Plexus ambassador with my husband, Jerry Chris Kurklin, starting the products as well. We are using the XFactor vitamins, BioCleanse as well as ProBio5 and the Slim.

The Slim helps battle sugar cravings which helps while the gut is healing. Sweets have always been my weakness which is a toughie when trying to battle and win the war on gut health.

We are noticing improved energy,

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