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Have you tried Plexus' newest product yet?? Vital Biome is the bomb 💣💣💣!! Seriously amazing!!!
You ask yourself why on earth would Plexus come out with TWO different probiotics??
What could possibly be the difference? No way that I need both right? Let's take a look👀👇
💙ProBio5 = Yeast and bad bacteria control, anti fungal which all affect our immune system and general health including many of our tummy troubles.
💚VitalBiome = Mood, stress, anxiety, more immune system help, relaxation and GI issues.
👨⚕️Here's what the scientists and developers say about VitalBiome. It does NOT replace ProBio5. It's a sister to ProBio5. They each affect different organisms in our guts and both can benefit "us" greatly.
Do we need both?
The answer is they each have their own uniquely designed functions that will MAXIMIZE our gut health!!!
💙ProBio5 is all about the enzymes. Its main goal is what we've always said it was - to get in there and kill off the bad bacteria so we can have better health and stronger immune systems. The life changing issues we have seen such as seasonal issues, skin issues, auto immune issues etc STILL need probio5!!!
💚VitalBiome will raise the levels of the 8 most beneficial strains of probiotics in your microbiome. The reformulated Slim will help those colonize and grow. VitalBiome is amazing when it comes to changing how you handle stress and how happy you are. The clinical research lab was blown away by the test results. They knew we were going to see big increases in the numbers but when you added in our Patent pending formula Plexus Slim, that's what hit it out of the park.
When do you take it (VitalBiome)???
⏺ Once a day, on an empty stomach in the morning. Take VitalBiome when you drink the New Slim because of the XOS prebiotic added to enhance both the Probio5 and Vitalbiome
⏺The main thing is to take VitalBiome when stomach acid production is low
⏺Continue taking your ProBio5 at bedtime - getting the enzymes into our systems at bedtime and letting them do their thing.
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Love what Meagan Moore shares about freedom from anxiety! "😬😬I HAVE to share something with you all that's personal! If you struggle with ANXIETY please read!
You've been my ENEMY for decades.
Even more so when my babies were born.

I #worried about everything, all day everyday.
It's #allconsuming. Those who deal with this know.
I know better, but my #brain struggles..panic.
It's #real.
It's always been a part of my #life.
... and one month in on our brandnew #VitalBiome and I JUST noticed something.
I usually go into #PANICMODE when we travel with the kids! I get super stressed, grouchy, and NOT FUN!!! It made my family MISERABLE!! 😰

It's a #subtle #change, but I'm NOT. I am CALM...not rushed....not yelling and griping at them.....not stressing over them lol being kids! Paired with our new SLIM it's a CALM energy!!!!!! I haven't worried about anything really besides the crazy TICK 🤣🤣 I also haven't worried about things at home and there is plenty to worry about! 🙌🏻I almost cried in #lasvegas when I found out we launched a product now with #CLINICALPROOF that it helps #reduceanxiety #boostmood and #reducesstress #naturally.
THIS Is my #gamechanger. I am #BLOWNAWAY.

#Thankful #Free

Awww! This baby girl of mine is now 27 years old and engaged to be married in March! Wow...I am reall missing my babies!

Yes I am going through more stuff! Think I am going to cry! This was Alex in Pre-k . He is now 24 years old! Wow how time flies!

Supplements vs. medication - they DON'T work the same! I'm not opposed to medications when we need them, and sometimes we do. But I do believe that pure natural plant based supplements are necessary to help our bodies function at their best. We all need help in some area and supplementation is the way to bridge that gap - even if you're on medications.
Read on to find out more:
Fitness expert Rachael Rogers says, "Time for some #toughlove 😬🙃 The biggest mistake I see people make when trying our products is quitting too soon. Maybe you decided to give them a try but going into it you thought, "If I don't see some major changes in a month, I'm done!" Hold up! ✋🏼Did you get to the place you're in now in just 30 days? Would you go to the gym and workout for 30 days but quit after seeing minimal results and claim "it didn't work?!" 🤷🏼
Of course not.
Here's the thing: Supplements ARE NOT medication. They work very differently. ➡️Medication changes your body's physiology (they way ALL of your systems function) by around 90%. This means you'll typically see/feel a difference quickly but guess what else this means? SIDE-EFFECTS! When your body's physiology is drastically changed, side-effects are almost always guaranteed. Ever listen to the end of a medication commercial? 🤔😐 ➡️Supplements, on the other hand, only change your body's physiology by around 20-30% so you may notice small changes that accumulate over time but it's also highly unlikely that you'll ever experience side-effects with any supplement that's taken as directed. 😯🙌🏼 I get it! We all want it YESTERDAY. We all want IMMEDIATE gratification. If you got in the shape you're in over the course of a year, give Plexus 6 months to help. That is realistic. Actually, that is more than fair. Half the amount of time to let it help your body heal from the inside-out. Most people see results quicker than that but let's not put a time limit on natural healing, Okay?! Try giving it time and see what amazing changes (without the nasty side-effects) that your body is capable of." #truth

Ranier cherries! Yes please!

Any guesses where we are going?

I didn't get to see this but my friend Rhonda Shaw posted this morning... Did you happen to see CBS This Morning today?!! They had a segment about gut health and how that can affect many disorders. There is more to this gut microbiome than you think. Gut Health is so important!! #microbiome #guthealth #LoveYourGuts

A billion dollar debt-free company that offers a 60 day money back guarantee and has a 1% return rate doesn’t make products that don’t work. 😉
Just saying... #truth #boom #micdrop

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