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Kim Jackson Hammer  Independent Plexus Ambassador, happy wife, mother


From now until Tuesday, September 26th at 3 p.m. EDT, all Welcome Packs are 10% OFF.
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I get it.
You're #exhausted every day. (You don't recognize it but) your blood sugar is up and down leaving you feeling like a crazy person that needs a nap.
You crave #sugar and #caffeine all day.
You're irritable.
You have multiple mystery symptoms and you're wondering if they're normal for your age, or just because you're a exhausted college student, a new(ish) mommy, or just a worn down adult.
BUT you think supplements are "stupid"... #unnecessary. Or you think #supplements that come from an MLM business structure couldn't possibly be legit. So because your #friend benefits from the sell, and it comes straight to your door, you're willing to #live that way day after day, because it's just "not for you". I HATE THAT FOR YOU... not knowing how good your body is supposed to feel.
Don't knock a product because of the business model in which it's offered; because THAT business model works, you just don't understand it.

Check out my Plexus friend Cayla Sandlin! Consistency is key! She looks amazing and is healthy... ⭐️2 years ago I made a decision to give this whole "PLEXUS" thing a try to see if it worked!

-70 lbs over weight
-On antidepressants/anxiety meds
-On sleep medication
-Unbalanced CRAZY hormones
-Just quit a job to stay home -Had NO IDEA financially how I would stay home
-Never took one vitamin or probiotic
-Scared of what people thought

-70 lbs down -NO MEDICATIONS
-Back to normal
-Able to stay home
-God provided more than I was making before
-Never miss a day of my supplements
-Have closer friends than I did before
I would say...it seems to be working!! 👍🏻 #grateful #blessed #Godisgood

You'll never know unless you try. With a 60 day money back guarantee what do you have to lose.

Plexus will not work for you IF...
~ You leave it in the package...
~ You only take your Plexus products every now and then.
~ You don't drink water and attempt to eat a little less crap...
~ You don't give it time to balance and cleanse your body.
#Natural products are not quick fixes. Sure, if it was filled with stimulants that run through your veins, you'll get immediate results of energy, followed with a crash...
Plexus does it right. Essential #vitamins, #minerals, #probiotics, #enzymes, #antifungals, #aminoacids, #antioxidants, and antiinflammatories, help us to feel better by #supplementing what our #body is not getting.
~ You quit.
Bottom line is this. You will want to give Plexus 60 to 90 days. There are many quick fixes for you to try and once you are ready to change your #life, and work on your body from the inside out, then choose Plexus.
Plexus works for us because we started with the right attitude. We have results because we are #consistent with the products.
Why quit when our #bodies has never felt this good ?
Let's get you started toward a #Healthier and #Happier #YOU !!!

CURIOUS but not quite a Plexus believer like I am? That is okay!! Did you know you can start with a 7 day TRIAL pack of the #NewPlexusSlim & add a 1 month supply of one of these other companions for under $70? 😱 Yes!!!! And...if you aren't happy, there is always a little thing called "60 day money back guarantee"!! #Winning 🎊 Plexus for the WIN! 🎊 #GutHealth #Microbiome #GF #PlantBased #NonGMO #RemoveToxins #HealthyLifestyle #Balance

Ever wondered what the "5" stands for in ProBio5?? Because there's 5 powerful probiotics in it!
🔶 Bacillius coagulans
🔶 Lactobacillus acidophilus 🔶 Bifodobacterium longum
🔶 Lactobacillus plantarum 🔶 Saccharomyces boulardii

Ever wonder what probiotics can actually help with, and why you need one ?
Check out some great info here !
🔶 http://buff.ly/2chOrit

#probio5 #guthealthiskey #gettinghealthyfromtheinsideout

One week after surgery! #gettingstronger

I’ve noticed some common misconceptions that prevent people from taking a closer look at Plexus supplements.
Here’s the straight scoop:
✅Plexus products are about helping your body become more balanced and helping things to work the way they should.
✅We don’t have an energy drink...we have a drink that allows your natural energy to return by balancing out your blood sugars with no stimulants.
✅We don’t have a massive supplement line; we have 18 power-packed products that are plant and vitamin-based.
✅All of our ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list and contain ZERO artificial sweeteners, dyes or red flag ingredients. Instead we use stevia, natural fruit flavoring, and beet root for coloring.
✅Plexus is affordable! Every item is under $40 (with the exception Plexus Slim). Budgeting for Plexus is easy once you realize the stuff you will not have to buy anymore on a daily basis! Some people even SAVE money after starting Plexus!
✅Network marketing is the bomb. Don’t be scared of an MLM. Our company is growing like crazy and has integrity. Plexus wants everyone to succeed -- both customers and ambassadors!
✅ Plexus is a plant-based wellness system that could potentially benefit every person, from the extremely healthy individual to the one who’s only one thread away from breaking completely. With a 60-day money back guarantee on every combo and every individual product, you’re sure to find something that works well for you!
#notadiet #notafad #itsawellnesssystem #health #wellness #guthealth

Hopefully only one more week❤

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