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kimberly renee  Do not homogenize. Be heart-full.

My friend Goo has a real tattoo
She always knows just what to do
She looks through her hair like she doesn't care
What she does best is stand and stare.
Twinning my baby girl @kseebug because she's cooler than Gooooo. .
Thanks @killin_it_byleigh for the ✂️.

I just want to share my shame for how cool these #sunnies make me feel. And not like... #momcool . They make me feel really really cool, guys.

I guess it's evident from the #hair that Mateo is a wild genius. We don't know how he's a genius yet, but he's got the wild part down pat. #gastonymateo #magnificentmateo

Just the most #free and #happy #gastonthegreat in the whole world. Thanks @kseebug for showing us where you study #oceanchemistry . The tide pools were a wonderful time.

Another old #collage from 2009. Often, this is how I relate to myself. #Gestalt , I am both the charmer and the blinded. I am the mountain that obstructs one and protects the other. I am the opposing and complementary characters of an #existential #paradox .

Collage from 2009.

"Nana, do you want to play monster trucks with me?"
#gastonthegreat #greatgrandmother #visabuela #playmate #thisischildhood

Great great grandparents. Minnie and Frank Nix. Alaska, sometime around 1900. #haida #ancestry

Spending time with grandparents is time full of treasures, like this photo of my great-great grandmother Adelaide Yockey (center) and her business partners in 1896. They were dress makers in Illinois. .
#womeninbusiness #19thcentury #ancestry

Found my memory lane on @guitarcenter RockWalk. Sienna and one of the employees taught me how to play a basic beat on the drums while we waited at the store on Sunset...for it was April 30th, and Robert Smith would soon arrive. Our new friends gave us employee badges so we could stay after the early closing and watch #thecure put their hand prints in concrete. We happened to wait in the room they entered through- when they came in, He introduced himself to each person in the room. "Hello, I'm Robert." He said to me. I only shook his sweet hand and smiled. 2 days later, I saw him play at Coachella. Those were dreamy days.

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