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OF COURSE I ASKED FOR THE STICKER!!! Voting via mail today due to my LA ✈️ trip Monday. Will be wearing this sticker LOUD & PROUD 🙌🏼 today! If you need help voting, need an alarm clock, a nudge, a push let me know. I will shove you (nicely!) to the polls on Tuesday! 😜

What have you been putting off? Been “waiting for the right time” to start? To get a “little further ahead” before diving in? Whatever it is - START! The fastest way to success is to BEGIN! Even the smallest of baby steps is movement towards the life you want to be living. Today is Monday. Today is the day. Sign up for those salsa 💃🏻 lessons, begin to build your personal website, call back that recruiter. Whatever big, awesome, exciting thing is that you’ve been waiting on I’m challenging you to inch towards today. Baby Step Monday - Let’s do this! 💪🏼🙌🏼

I love happy clients but I’m OBSESSED with happy superheroes! 😜 @thesuperfancompany & @acecomiccon VIP work this weekend is officially Avengers approved! 😉

DROPPING TRUTH 🔥: You only see half the story. You don’t see the whole truth! The grind is REAL. The work is REAL. Don’t get it twisted. What you see on social media is the HIGHLIGHT reel. No one wants to see pictures of my computer. No one wants to see me in a dim lit restaurant hallway texting about a project. Realize that what you see is only PART of a MUCH BIGGER picture! Now go do all the tough, nitty gritty work that no one will see so you can bask in the accomplishment of the work when it’s DONE! 💪🏼 You got this!!! 🙌🏼

Birthday Weekend success at @aclfestival. Thought this mid-turn shot summed it up best 😂🙌🏼❤️ Can’t wait to start this next trip around the sun!

I have been waiting 10 years to do the 3 3 like this. 😂 Told myself I had to do 33 minutes of running (let’s be realistic it was more of a jog/exhausted walk/jog again) before I start celebrating my day of birth! I have no shame celebrating my birthday in case you’re wondering. Another trip around the sun? More adventures with my friends and family? 10 fingers, 10 toes, and my health? Living in the land of the free and home of the brave? I’ve won the life JACKPOT! 🎉 What’s NOT to celebrate?! 🙌🏼 Hope you’ll join me today for a 🥂! ❤️

“Easy” “Quick” “Hack” “Fast” we see these trigger words and we JUMP! “10 Quick Diet Tricks” Click, click, click. I’m guilty of trying to hack my way through life & then getting upset when the results aren’t “there”. So lately I’ve been exercising & strengthening 💪🏼 the most important skill that NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT - patience! Patience with others and more importantly patience with YOURSELF! Stop beating yourself up! Start having patience in where you are and the journey as you become who you want to be. Oh and can you remind others around you if that too? They need it! 🙌🏼💪🏼❤️

Because when you hear, “is that the last of it?” You laugh & say “I guess so?!” 📚 #NEXTCHAPTER 📚 #MOVINGDAY

no, I didn’t “see the sights” while here. we wandered the Medina with a local guide. learning, meeting artisans & shop owners, & feeling immersed in the Sunday afternoon buzz of the locals. my favorite way to explore is to not “try” to do anything at all. sit and be. see life revolve a bit. any other favorite ways to explore?

Then this HUMPpened. Her name was CAMELilla (no joke) & we rode into the sunset. 😍 🐪

The look of desperation & stress. I nearly cried 5 minutes before this. Social media only tells the part of the story (usually the very filtered part).🔸 You’re about to see me posting some awesome pictures from the last wedding of my 2018 season. I’m going to be excited & having fun but there are moments like this that come before I even depart. When I’m stressed. When I very much realize, as my mom says, I’ve been “burning the candle at both ends.” I’m moving at the end of the month (this alone could send anyone into a full breakdown), at work it feels like I’m constantly behind & playing catch up, I haven’t worked out in 11 days, & I feel completely overwhelmed.🔸 But I’m breathing deep, realizing that all I can do from one minute to the next is my best. So yeah, thought you should see a bit of #real before my 🐪 pics start.🔸 To anyone else out there who feels me, you got this. Do your best, the rest is out of your control. In the end the best thing you can control is your attitude & outlook. Keep shining! 🙌🏼 💪🏼

🔥A street business lesson to those chasing a title that you can’t get from a textbook. SOUND ON! 💪🏼🙌🏼👋🏼🔥

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