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when you lose track of what day it is (work edition) anyone else’s Sunday look similar? 😂

Myth: Look out for you to get ahead. Truth: Help others & you’ll realize you already won. That took me a few years to learn (*esp* in NYC!) but I’m so glad I did. 💪🏼 We’re #bettertogether & there’s enough room for everyone! ❤️📸: @rgreeley2214

Coffee with Kim #26: I am a victim of “yes” quite a bit. My guess is you are too. You WANT to help out a coworker who’s falling behind, you LOVE volunteering on the weekend, and OF COURSE you will help organize the surprise birthday. Before you know it it’s 2am you’re making posters for the marathon & saying “How the heck did I get myself here?! I’m exhausted!” I’ve started a little mantra that I say to myself every time before saying “yes” to something. Any tricks you have to keep from overextending yourself?! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Hit me with them! 💪🏼

We never see our friends work. You ask about work when you catch up with them (the answer is usually something like “oh it’s fine” or “it’s going well”) but for a culture that spends the majority of our time working we never ACTUALLY see our friends doing. I LOVE when I get to peak into my friends everyday & watch them do their thing! 😍 Ps. I could totally get into this whole Veronica Corningstone thing!!! 💁🏻‍♀️ What do you think?! New gig? (note: must learn how to keep tennis 🎾 scores straight 😜)

INSTAGRAM vs REAL LIFE: What you don’t see - red eye flights, conference calls in cabs, busting to make it home in time to prep for your next batch of meetings, acting upbeat even though you’re tired AF, trying to eat something that’s not in a wrapper & being justtt with it enough to write out a post. All to say, real life deserves some insta-love too. It’s not about the life you want others to *think* you live - it’s showing them the one you got & being freakin proud of it! 🙌🏼💪🏼 We got this. 👊🏼 ((now I’m gonna go wash yesterday’s makeup off 😂😬))

Coffee with Kim #25: Please add “Celebrate!” to your To Do List this week. We spend *SO* much time on “the next” - you’re guilty of it (so am I!). The next project, the next promotion, the next client, the next item on your to do list. ✏️ Take time this week to celebrate 🎉 Celebrate finishing that big pitch, presenting an idea to your boss, finishing up a months long project, SOAK THAT GOODNESS IN!!! Live in it! Celebrate hard and then, and only then, do you move on to the next big mountain 💪🏼. You got this! Cheers to YOU!!! ❤️

This is a picture of me en route to @panoramanyc. I was hoping for something better but the humidity & my hunt for all yummy food/delicious drinks & desire to turn off my phone & jam to @davidbyrneofficial has become to great... ✌🏼❤️😍🎤

Sadelles: Where Carbs (& loose fitting clothing) are your Friend. 😂 📸&🥐 courtesy of @jenofkin

Coffee with Kim #24: Monday post-vacation blues. How do you kick start your way back into work? Had a LOT of questions about this & I have a mantra for you that I picked up a few years ago...Monday’s are for ME! Think of Monday as YOUR day. No external meetings! No long conference calls! Monday’s are your day to get caught up, to reset, refocus, prioritize your week & bring your BEST self to the rest of your team! 💪🏼 Let’s make this Monday, YOUR Monday, 🔥🔥🔥!!! 🙌🏼

I woke up bummed. We drove 4 hours outside of the city yesterday & I was *so* excited to wake up, sit at the ocean, read & relax. I had the whole day mapped in my mind. I’d been thinking about it all week. I threw the curtains open this morning and...rain 🌧 lots & lots of it. 😩 So instead I rolled out of bed & we wandered to this local eatery. I ordered a tea I’ve never tried before & I’m watching the rain & people go by. Sometimes things don’t go as we planned. Sometimes, when you’re open to new possibilities, it’s best to just lean back & enjoy the new route life sets into your GPS. Life has a sense of humor I must admit. Even when it’s teaching you lessons. 🙃

2 things I love here: puzzles & @panoramanyc 😍 If you don’t have tickets RUN (don’t walk) & get them because it goes down in 🚨 1 WEEK 🚨 I’m excited for @theweeknd & @migos (I’ve never seen either live!) and someone just told me to catch @thewarondrugs. Who should I not miss from this lineup?! 🙌🏼🎉

Coffee with Kim #23: Physically on vacation and mentally on vacation are two very different things. While getting yourself out the door is easy, getting your mind to relax is another! Here’s one quick fix that helps me stay off my email, organize my thoughts & gets me into vacation mode!🍹 🌞🏝

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