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Justin Asuhdude  🇻🇳North Korea is best Korea 🏋Powerlifting USPA

Twas a good meet sucked ass on bench and squat but happy with my deadlift PR At 551 was a damn grinder. I dreamed of doing a powerlifting meet with my friends wow what a fun and amazing experience. Sunday was filled with upsets, smiles, and laughs at the end of the day it was fun. Lots to work on next meet and i now know my weakness on the road to state. Met the coolest fucking people that were supportive toward everyone. This is why powerlifting is beautiful a sport that brings unity and strangers showing support for each other. Im very grateful for everything love u all. SHOUT OUT TO @lechonboiz @alannntho @nkkorys @the_renaissance__man @jaybee_rx8 @lendlejay @perlafitness @___madridista @calvin.law @lalalaliisssa @nessairish #uspa #uspapower #squat #powerlifting #strength


Blessed with this piece by @tatt2byhai

Failed 355 but speed was good out of the hole just lost my groove thank you @the_renaissance__man for not letting my head being cut off. @calvin.law said go for 360 and i grinded it not really happy with the semi PR but still happy with some bench progression ah ye. @nkkorys @alannntho les get it #powerlifting #uspa #uspapower #powerlifting #strength #lechonboyz

500-520ish? Deficit pulls. Wouldnt be where i am strength wise without @calvin.law coaching and my lechon boyz @alannntho @nkkorys wearing that @strength_cartel cant disrespect the shirt
#uspa #uspapower #powerlifting road to #metroflex

When you almost die lifting 500 for the first time. Bad angle but damn twas a grinder another milestone for the books on the road to metroflex. Couldnt do it without @calvin.law @alannntho and @nkkorys missing his slap #uspa #powerlifting #uspapower #squat

495 at the bottom 540ish? Getting rdy for that metroflex @nkkorys @alannntho and our coach @calvin.law #uspa #powerlifting #strength #lechonboyz

I cry inside finally hit 345 😭 def grinder gotta give credit to the partners for pushing @nkkorys @calvin.law @alannntho #uspa #uspapower #powerlifting #benchpress #chesticlesornothing

Fuuuuuh my sister is getting so old shes already hitting high school... damn im old

So proud of my sister @clara_bunny your hard work and stress paid off! You're gonna be an amazing nurse! You such a big girl now

Tried 455x1, 505x1, and failed 545 :( was surprised by the speed of 505. cause @alannntho told me to try 545.
#uspa #powerlifting #deadlift #dead #weak #fatboy

Took 455 for a double i almost died and the 2nd was sky high. Need to get back on the training. thankz for da backslap @alannntho. Maybe train for a meet at @thresholdtf_ ? #uspa #powerlifting #fatboy #squat #weak

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