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Super tough session hitting the biceps, back and shoulders! Really concentrate on your form - you should be able to keep the concentric and eccentric phase of your reps both in control. If you find yourself throwing the weights around then decrease your load!!! .
And ladies don’t neglect your upper body, it gives you so much shape and can flatter other parts of your physique - ie making your waist look smaller 😉
Outfit:- @gymsharkwomen high waist flex set 👌🏻💞

I’m strong
I’m proud
I’m real
I’m honest
I’m certainly not perfect!
Try not to obsess over the things you dislike, instead become obsessed with being someone comfortable in your own skin.
EVERYONE has insecurities ❤️

Happy Valentines Day you beautiful humans!!!! Tag someone who’s going to need this killer HIIT workout after their valentines treats 😂🙌🏻
This circuit was 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for 3 rounds making it just under 20 minutes in total! Perfect for those days you want a great sweaty burn in a short space of time. .
Sipping on my @womensbest amino and energy through this workout. Their valentines special offer is ending soon so don’t miss your chance to get ‘buy one get one free’ on their bestsellers 💪🏻 any questions feel free to ask - the link is in my bio! .
Have an amazing day 🥰

Wanted to do a workout to suit everyone and I know that you are all going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Kettlebell workouts are actually very challenging and what’s great is that it combines cardio, strength & flexibility into one session. For some exercises you can work the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion too 👌🏻
You can make the workout as tough or easy as you like by choosing a weight suitable to your ability. .
I completed this workout as a circuit with about 1 minute rest in between exercises. 4 rounds! Make sure you have plenty of water at the ready for this one!
HOPE YOU ALL CRUSH IT (I know you will 😉)

Well if you are looking for a hardcore, heavy ass workout for your glutes... THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!! Mine were RIP after this ☠️☠️☠️
The first exercise was like a warm up set before I tackled some heavier compound exercises. Then ending with some lighter weight exercises including the dreaded crab walk finisher for the most almighty burn! I’m always pushing myself and challenging my strength... sometimes you surprise yourself with what you can achieve, so don’t be afraid to try! .
To hit the glutes more on the leg press, keep your feet at a wider stance on the platform and toes pointing slightly outwards. All of these exercises are sure to target your booty but will also work your legs too.
Outfit:- @gymshark legendary camo
Resistance band:- @mycurvesuk (discount code KIMFRENCH15)
#kimfrenchfitness #gymsharkwomen

This was probably one of the most challenging core workouts I’ve ever done!
It left me so sore and unable to laugh, sneeze or cough the next day 😂
I need to tell you about the amazing valentines offer that @womensbest have on currently. It’s buy one get one free on their bestsellers so make sure you stock up on your faves. The link is in my bio 👌🏻
The one foot, one arm plank at the end by the way... 😵
Outfit:- @gymsharkwomen (my fave set)

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There are different types of supersets you can perform. Here I am performing Agonist Supersets where you exhaust a single muscle group. These are particularly good for hypertrophy training 🙌🏻 There should be no rest in between the two different exercises but do take 1-2 minutes rest in between sets.
For this workout I completed 3 sets of each exercise. You may have to drop the weight slightly when performing these types of supersets to realistically be able to finish the amount of reps in the exercise. BUT still push yourself and see what you are capable of achieving, however always remember your form comes first 👌🏻
Outfit:- @gymshark (old style flex will never get old 😜)

Who’s ready to get some serious booty gains then?? 😜 double tap or hit the ❤️
I HOPE YOU ARE READY! This workout was done 2 days ago and I’m still feeling it 🔥
If you are struggling to grow your glutes, remember to properly activate them before! The more your glutes are fired up... the more powerful they will be 🙌🏻
Outfit:- @neuapparel

Itssss HIIT TIME! 😝
Ok this one was super tough, I won’t lie to you!!! My HIIT workouts have been really challenging me recently as I’ve been adding in weighted exercises. It’s not essential though and if you are a beginner then just go for light weights or none at all.
This type of workout will be great for those looking to burn body fat whilst still firing up several muscles. It will leave you feeling exhausted, sweaty but AMAZING! .
Complete 3 rounds with 45 seconds rest in between exercises. There are 7 different exercises so 3 rounds will be more than enough... trust me 😜
Outfit:- @gymsharkwomen
Tune:- Kokiri - Retrospect (Koven remix)

Isn’t living in risk far better than living in regret? The unknown is a scary place but if you always play it safe, you may never achieve your dreams. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take!
I once gave up on my body and believed after having children I would just have to accept I couldn’t get back to how I used to be. I was wrong... and maybe you are too?
You see, our bodies are capable of anything, it’s our minds we have to convince 🙌🏻
The next 24 hours will be your last chance to get 20% off my fitness plans:-
Booty Builder Plan - promo code BOOTY20
4 Week Full Body Plan - promo code FULLBODY20
I’ve put more info on my insta story about what’s included and the link to my website is in my bio 💞

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The first superset in particular gave me an unbelievable pump👌🏻🔥 can’t wait for you to try it! I did this workout yesterday and my biceps are so sore today which hasn’t happened in a while 💪🏻
I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to keep your reps slow and controlled. This is where the magic happens because you’ll be engaging the muscles correctly and therefore making them work harder. If you are lifting too heavy and swinging the weights with your body, try reducing the weight and slowing down... I GUARANTEE you’ll feel it so much more 🙌🏻

My FAVE booty activation exercises!!
You should definitely be performing activation exercises before all of your lower body workouts. You don’t need to spend ages doing it, usually takes me 10 minutes. The important thing is to fire up the glutes from MULTIPLE ANGLES. This will make a difference in your training and progress 🙌🏻
I would complete 2 rounds of these exercises for activation before weight training but normally only 4-5 different exercises. If you workout from home and want a good booty burn, complete this circuit for 4 rounds and you’ll definitely be feeling it 🔥
Sipping on my @womensbest strawberry lemonade amino & energy - LOVE 👌🏻💞
Outfit:- @gymsharkwomen
Booty band:- I use @mycurvesuk and they are currently on sale with code KIMFRENCH15

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