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Kim Eichler-Messmer  hand dyed quilts / natural dye exploration / surface design / friend of cats / kansas city

This is my favorite color of red. Thank you, madder, for being amazing. #naturaldye #shibori #modernquilt #madder #rubiacordifolia

Testing for natural dyes sometimes feels endless. It’s a good thing I enjoy the process. Here I’m testing four different fabrics with indigo + shibori and a madder dyebath to try to find a new fabric for my work that is more earth and people friendly. I think the American made muslin by @robertkaufman is the winner (though I wish it was organic) with @maiwahandprints organic cotton in a close second.

I’m testing out some earth pigments from @maiwahandprints on organic cotton fabric. So far so good. The colors are nice when first applied. Now I just have to test them with different wash out factors to see how the color holds up. #naturaldye #earthpigments #paintingwithdirt

It grew. Madder + gold lamé #naturaldye #kintsugi #modernquilt #laménotlame

Natural dye + gold lamé again. Madder in all its glory on a variety of fabrics.

Nick Cave at @openspaceskc

I love seeing how people use my fabric, especially when the person is super cool and making an awesome quilt. Check out @laurena_rachel for more eye candy. #imbuebatik

I’m painting a big fabric version of a little paper friend I painted last summer. This time I’m using mordants instead of paint. It feels exciting and risky.

My piece “violet light and a hum” is up on the wall at the @hrblockartspace through this week. The lovely @laurena_rachel curated it into her selection. You can see the rest of my flat file there through the fall! #slaughterhousefive #stealingtitlesfromvonnegut

I left some rando dye bits hanging out in studio when I left for Penland and forgot about them until today. The blue strip was left as a vat test in my iron indigo vat. The other little guys were left in a container with some rust. None of them were planned, but the result of multi tasking and lazy studio clean ups by me.

I had an amazing time with these women in my natural dye and quilting workshop @penlandschool for session 5. Thanks for being awesome, strong, creative women! @caitlin_adair_ is not pictured but equally amazing.

Penland nature walk finds. Mica, rusty railroad screw, turkey feathers. Not pictured: the beautiful gray cat that seems to live at the Penland Post Office. @penlandschool

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