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Kim DeJesus  Probably on a juice cleanse somewhere talking about turmeric. 🌈✨🐶🌱💖 Agent: Paradigm // Manager: Zero Gravity

No funny business. I am an Undercover Russian spy now. 😎

Taking a moment of silence for all the cell phone chargers I’ve lost this year

Happy about my painting i finished on Friday...what do ya think it means?

Now accepting pool boy applications 🍇

Today my dad (my hero) went to church, Watched the US open, read a book and now he’s drinkin a beer. Would give anything to be laughin and drinkin a beer w you right now daddio (while you give me a history lesson that i didn’t ask for😂)! Missing you like crazy today! I love you w all i got. I am a lucky woman to be raised w your unconditional love. Your example of love has been my greatest teacher. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
And dave- you’ve given me the greatest gift of all. So thankful to have the BEST dad to spidey. Your relationship and bond w our son is unlike anything I’ve seen. how he LOVES you! Your kindness is our constant teacher. Your support is my constant encourager. Thanks for all you do for us! Happy Father’s Day, to my family and my best friend.

More pics from Miss Arizona Premiere
#danceswithfilms #missaz #womeninfilm

Great night at the LA premiere of Miss Arizona! Proud of this one. 😘 also amazing to be apart of an 80 percent female film 💪🏻 can’t wait for you guys to see it!! #danceswithfilms #missaz #womeninfilm

Summer 2018 yearbook photo

Sun damage get on me (jk covered in SPF and spray tan)

Growing up we spent our summers on a horse ranch. When I turned 17 I begged my dad to let me be a wrangler. He said no. He thought I was trying to date the wranglers. (I was).

Did you know I can list all 50 states in 22 seconds?

Was attacked by 50 bugs, 1 sand storm and 1 small child on this hike. Here’s a pic to prove I survived.

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