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k d . b a y a r e a , c a .  i want to be brilliant before i am ever beautiful and i will create a world around me where it is hard to tell the difference. + kd photography at:


: howard homecoming + homage.

: im re://learning what i always knew. that it’s difficult for women of color, especially ones i surround myself with as sisters, mentors, comrades, and family, especially as the one that i am, to be sustained and held. it takes a lot to hold up a woman that holds up whole communities and people on her shoulders, in her spine, through her heart, deeply embedded in her smile, skin, a part of her spirit and mind. because to hold up women like us, you have to hold a people too. practices WOC have been doing for hundreds of years. and in that, whether in partnership or alone - we are still the ones our ancestors have been waiting for.

: when the first question the room asks for q&a is “kim. are you single?” 🤣😂 but the best question they ask is “how do you teach others about hip hop and get them to rock with you?” 🔥🔥🔥! thank you to De Anza College for inviting RTSB Bay Area/Skyline College to your highly successful RTSB2 Kick-Off Event and Panel! blessings to Dr. Cindy Huynh for breaking down the VIEW of Asian-American women through teaching hip-hop and Khafre, founder of Hip Hop for Change for dropping beautiful lessons and sharing your story. an honor to represent our work #fortheculture and for #hiphoped. biggest ups and love to the organizers of LEAD and Men of Color Community at De Anza. looking forward to November 30th! more to share from today at @rocktheschoolbells !

: cover of the overview packet from our @rocktheschoolbells 11 Retreat which was a beautiful productive and motivating success. our advisory is in a time of transition and change amidst a social political climate of trauma and ignorance, but through the common heart and passion for hip hop, education, love, and community, we re://main re://silient. we re://main re://freshed and stronger than ever as we re://imagine education for RTSB11. watch out world, Rock the School Bells is still swinging hard and we won’t stop now. not if i can help it. #hiphopiseducation #hiphoped #RTSB11

: janine - you live life beautifully through how honest and brave you approach your passion. im privileged to watch you evolve and blossom through your concrete in career, self-worth, and love over the last few years. im honored to be called your mentor, ate, colleague, but most of all your sister and friend. okay, let’s do our best to take over the world now while car twerking to cardi b and translating ruby ibarra lyrics heading to get our nails done and win at life with good outlet deals.

: if we woke up and realized that none of this was real, would we want to go back to sleep or would we get up and be grateful for the dream? kd

: #Repost from @rocktheschoolbells & @n8diggs
Thank you to everyone, especially Nate Diggs our Godfather of RTSB, and the RTSB family and Advisory board.
After ten years in building Rock The School Bells in the Bay Area with a team of dedicated, creative, and inspiring squad, I have decided to put forth my focus and energy in taking RTSB to the next level in developing safe and brave spaces for youth through Hip Hop education. Although, it's difficult to step back from RTSB, I'm equally excited to introduce the world to our new RTSB Coordinator who I've had the privilege to watch her grow into a transformative leader. I have the utmost confidence in her in bringing in fresh new insights and energy to take RTSB to new heights. World, this is Kim Davalos. Kim Davalos is a counselor at Skyline College and has been on the advisory board for Rock the School Bells since 2012. Kim is also on the faculty team for the CIPHER Learning Community and teaches the capstone leadership course. She received her Masters in Counseling in 2012 from SF State University. In the community, Kim is a creative without being able to even contain it! She involves and evolves herself currently through the art of spoken word and photography. As a Stockton, California native, Kim found her home within hip hop culture in high school and has guided much of her life, career, and love choices through the words of Lauryn Hill, The Roots, and Tribe Called Quest. As a Filipina-American, legacy is in her blood and bones and is looking forward to leading the next chapter of RTSB. Kim also wants to give a shout out to her grandma and parents. Please take the time to virtually congratulate her on her newest endeavor. #rocktheschoolbells #rtsbxi #hiphopiseducation #legacy

: as a creative/photographer, im getting more and more used to not being in front of the camera anymore, haha. and i love the moments when folks and community join me behind the camera and are just as much a part of the creation. deepest respect and admiration to @unoeth / @xiomarart for always trusting my talent and vision. genuine love and gratitude to @soldevelopment and @hauspitality for your energy and willingness to be a part of the project. much much more to come from this photoshoot! / 📷: @hauspitality

: yesterday's preparation and setup for the talented and innovative @unoeth's photoshoot for their fall 2017 look book. started off with humble roots of doing photoshoot in the streets of oakland and now we're renting studio loft spaces for all day shoots in san francisco!

: views like drake.

: no grits, no glory. / shirt by @weargrits #apartment1selfiecollection

: "the spirit of new orleans, now that's forever." - toussaint | treme district second line parade | photo taken 10.1.17

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