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KIMBERLY ZUKLEY  〰 Fine Artist in Mobile, AL // Check out my animal, reptile, and fish #hidesxskins collection by ©KIMBERLY Z.

It takes a good minute to realize that my new prints aren’t originals... they look that good 😍 this pretty speckled trout was hand deckled before heading to her forever home. ⠀

These prints look even better in a floating acrylic frame (silver or gold hardware) now available on my website. You can either add one to your print purchase, or buy the frame all by itself. ⠀

Click the link in my profile to shop acrylic frames. You won’t find better quality for a better price. Trust me... I have looked 🤦🏻‍♀️ #hidesxskins

g o o d m o r n i n g 🌞 ⠀

I’m counting down the days until my art class at @roundbutsquarestudios this Thursday night!⠀

Shoot me a message for a special discount for you + a friend // Only a couple of seats left! #kimberlyzstudio

‘Book Club’ // 18” x 24” oil on canvas #flamingosbykimberlyz

DM to purchase! ⠀

To celebrate art class week, my 11” x 14” ‘Flamingo Fancy’ prints are marked down!⠀


You can now purchase these gorgeous acrylic floating frames straight from my website 😍 OH! There’s only a couple of seats left in my class, too, so go sign-up!⠀

Shop the link in my profile to shop prints (frames optional) or shop the frames by themselves. #kimberlyzartwork

This kid is just like his mama... having the most fun while he’s creating (has some crazy summer hair, too)! 😍⠀

Don’t forget to sign-up for your own create session with me, this Thursday, at @roundbutsquarestudios at 6 pm in Mobile, AL! I’ll be teaching ‘The Principles of Design’ while you paint your very own 20” x 20” flamingo flock.⠀

4 SPOTS LEFT // Click the link in my profile to sign-up!⠀

Did you know that a flock of flamingos are called a ‘flamboyance?’ 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️⠀

Detail of // Frickin’ Chickens // 24” x 36” oil on canvas⠀

Click the link in my profile to shop! #flamingosbykimberlyz

A little light reading this am ✨ all the feels for one of my favorite contemporary artists, Joan Mitchell, and ‘Composition’ created in 1969. ⠀

#joanmitchell #composition #abstractart #arthistory #colorpop #kimberlyzartwork #artbasel #dscolor #bigart #colorfulart

NEW // My ‘Mahi-Mahi’ @comfortcolors pocket tee is now available in short sleeve and long sleeve! And... as a bonus, so is my very first Hides + Skins™ Redfish tee (short sleeve only). When I say there are limited sizes available, I mean you should probably get to clicking! All shirt orders get a FREE PRINT (11” x 14” ‘Mahi-Mahi’) today only. ⠀

Sizes S-2XL // starting at $39.99 ⠀
(Includes taxes + ships free!)⠀⠀
NOTE: If you placed a pre-order, your shirt sizes will be held for 48 hours. ⠀

Click the link in my profile to shop! #hidesxskins .
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Some days, my creative energy seems to morph into... let me stop. Some days, I feel like @Fergie when she sang that rendition of the National Anthem... you know what I’m talking about... THAT rendition. Girl was just feeling a little inspired and creatively motivated. But, once it came to the execution... well, you know the rest. It just didn’t work, but she had to work it out in order to move on... and I appreciate that. ⠀

There are also days like today, where my happy little creative heart just sings and it all just flows. Those days, I make stuff like this. ⠀

New #hidesxskins on my website! // All original art purchases include a FREE @hidesxskins ‘Redfish’ tee! Limited sizes available. ⠀

Click the link in my profile to shop!⠀

FREE TEE // Added these textured speckled trout minis to my website! I love painting my #hidesxskins 🤗⠀

‘Cocktail No. I, II, + III’ mixed media on canvas // Purchase one and receive a FREE @hidesxskins redfish tee ($40 retail, today only)!⠀

Click the link in my profile to purchase!

4 SEATS LEFT // Something really really fun is happening next Thursday night in Mobile, Alabama! ⠀

ART CLASS // Join Kimberly as she takes you through her creative process touching on techniques that she practices every day + take home your very own wall art (you will be proud, I promise!). This isn’t a paint ‘n sip, honey, but we’re getting wine-y!⠀

Join me next week and learn to paint your own 20” x 20” ‘Fancy Flamingos’ // Aug. 16 at 6pm at @roundbutsquarestudios

Click the link in my profile to reserve your spot!

I’ll be adding new #hidesxskins to my shop this week so check back daily to see your favorite fish.⠀

Detail of ‘Sunset Cruise’ // 24” x 36” mixed media on canvas ⠀

Click the link in my bio to see the full piece.
#abstractart #coastalart #fishart #beachyart

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