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Kim Gibas  wife to a total dream boat (@benrg13), mom to the sweetest 3 little humans

This kid. We're practicing for the plane ride (Canada to Germany in 1.5 weeks - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh🙈). He's going to be my lap buddy and I'm thinking the carrier might be the best option to get him to sleep, keep my hands free, and be able to get up to let my aisle buddies pee?? Any tips from mamas (or dads!) out there for 8 month old flyers / 6 months corrected - aka I can't just give them finger food to keep them entertained & happy. Also, whats the largest dose of gravol that babies can safely have. Asking for a friend💁🏼... #ami #kidding #butreally

My boys❤️

This man. I can't even. Words cannot express how crazy in love I am. The butterflies in my stomach are still there, and I hope they never stop. Ever since you became a father to our trio you continue to amaze me with your patience, gentleness, and quiet strength. Thank you for for working so hard at your job and never complaining when you then come home to our glamorous life of diaper changes and baby feeding. Thank you for somehow always being able to make the "hard" times more fun, and of course for making us feel safe and protected, always.
There's no one else I want to do life with, and no one else that could love and provide for our three like you do. Happy Father's Day Ben❤️ @benrg13
Photo by @megfolkinga @megfolkingaphotography

Gabe takes his responsibility as stroller captain VERY seriously

Because sometimes it's hard being the middle child.
#speakingfromexperience #igotyouluca #halliesabully #gibastriplets

So I guess this is what all the random people we pass when we're out an about mean when they tell me that I have my hands full😉. Hands full of the greatest kind of love. These 3 are 31 weeks today - they've been out in the world exactly the same amount of time they were growing in my belly. It's been a while since I've held all three at once. It may look like I'm almost dropping Gabe😉, but really I'm soaking in every last wonderful second of the past 62 weeks with my sweet three. #canwerewindanddoitallagain #youmakemewantafourth #andafifth #gibastriplets

2 mommas, 6 littles under 3, and 1 surprisingly peaceful visit. Let's make this a repeat @cstahlz ❤️
#momsofmultiples #tripletsandtwins

First family run today in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital. Hoping for many more this summer with our crew. #itooktheheavyweight #hallie #obvi

I still can't believe these three are 7 months today!! Their different personalities are really starting to shine and we can't seem to get enough of them these days. Hallie is so relaxed and happy to entertain herself. She loves all things avocado and has this new high pitched squeal when she laughs that is so sweet. Gabe has a major sweet tooth (surprise surprise🙄😉), always sits with his hands clasped together, and his favourite yoga pose is happy baby. Luca has the longest hair (for real though) and laughs and smiles at absolutely EVERYTHING. I'm starting to think I'm really funny😉. We've had a really busy few months and are starting to find a new rhythm and routine. If we've been trying to get together and I haven't had the time yet I'm so sorry! We want visitors and we want to see you, but this introverted momma over here has been needing some solo time with her babes and trying not to pack up our weeks too much. So we promise we haven't forgotten you and WILL find time for you all this summer!!! ❤️❤️❤️

So thankful that summer is finally here. These are the kind of days that I've been craving for the past 7 months.

One of these yahoo's pooped through their plaid today. #gibastriplets

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