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Kim Anami  Holistic sex + relationship expert. Vaginal weight lifter. Surfer.


I had a baby!!! I’ve been pregnant for 23 months, and I have finally given birth.
A couple of years ago, I conceived the idea to create an Anami shop. I wanted to design an Anami line of superior-quality products in the realm of erotic accoutrements and sexual healing.

These items that would be an extension of my own multi-dimensional philosophy—that the deepest growth occurs when we address as many angles as possible: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.
Alchemy has always been fascinating to me: the idea that we can turn dross into gold. We can mine our hurts, injuries and pain and transform them into powerful wisdom.
These products are all formulated to do exactly that.

Head on over to the shiny new insta to check them out: @anami_alchemia


A female fruit if ever there was one. ⠀
They follow the cycles of the moon and burst into flower after storms and humidity. Farmers even report knowing when a dragonfruit is going to flower because it starts swelling before completely opening in the humid night air. ⠀

Packed with antioxidants, they not only keep your skin naturally tight and firm but also keep your heart, digestion and immune system healthy.

So love your dragon and it will love you.
@choosingchia Pink dragonfruit boats.


Feeling down? Depressed? Low energy? Maybe you have a cold coming on? Find yourself irritable and flexing your road rage muscle? Not quite yourself lately? Want to revive your marriage? Finish that proposal you’ve been working on?⠀

Have an orgasm. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s healthy. It restores you to your true self. You can carry it around with you wherever you go. Unless, of course, you like an accessory for that sort of thing.⠀

The magic bullet of orgasm is a multi-dimensional panacea that revives and uplifts every part of your life.⠀

Five thousand years ago, in ancient Taoist China, when you went to see your physician, you would receive a prescription based on your condition. Let’s say, as a woman, your kidneys were deficient. You’d be given an acupuncture treatment, a pot of herbs to cook up, and you’d be told to go home and have sex three times a day, in reverse cowgirl position, for 30 days. That particular angle (exposing the kidneys) would direct healing sexual chi to the area.⠀

I’m a firm believer in sexual medicine. ⠀

In fact, I’d call it the miracle cure.⠀


#amazingplacestofuck Bali has its fair share of barefoot luxury havens, where bamboo and open-air living are the norm. Perfect for bedroom to bath to railings as sex props. Awesome sanctuary for a sex weekend getaway. 🌊👙⠀
#thesexweekend #sexasmedicine #3hoursexdate #ecohotel #offthegrid⠀
#bali #indonesia

In my nearly 20-year career of doing this work, I’ve never once suggested a man ever take Viagra.⠀

I’ve got plenty of men off…. of it though!⠀

And restored their natural state of raging hard cock.⠀

Watch the full video to learn 8 things you can do to have wickedly hard, full, strong, raging erections.⠀



@matthewkenneycuisine Rainbow Fruit. Cashew Coconut Yogurt. By Pasty Wizard @chef.vero @plantfoodandwine #craftingthefutureoffood #eattherainbow

The link between probiotics and how they can help stomach and gut troubles is commonly researched, but probiotics also are being researched as a way to help your love life.⠀

New research has shown the potential that probiotics have to improve sexual health.⠀

According to Virginia Commonwealth University a gut bacteria, Clostridium scindens, "manufactures male sex hormones including testosterone." It's theorized that eating a diet rich in probiotics may work to restore sex drive in both men and women by increasing testosterone that is naturally produced.⠀


#thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Euro Series. ⠀

Lifting espresso in Cinque Terre, Italy. ⠀

I love coffee. ⠀

But only up my ass. ⠀

I never drink the shit. ⠀

But my ass loves it!⠀

Coffee enemas are the shit. ⠀

They stimulate bile and glutathione production in the liver and are extremely detoxifying. ⠀

If I’ve been exposed to any weird chemicals—which I generally avoid—then I run home and shove coffee up my ass. ⠀

At least there is one good use for @Bulletproof ! ⠀

#italy #bulletproofmyass

Your sexual organs are your prime energy source. Your movers and shakers.⠀

If you are disconnected to them, you are operating at a massive disadvantage and missing out on the power that they have to offer you.⠀

Ideally, you power your entire life with their turbo fuel.⠀

I often refer to sexual and orgasmic energy as the Fountain of Youth.⠀

This energy can be used to replenish you at the deepest level.⠀

Deep—meaning, you can tap into the true essence of who you are and shed off the layers of who you are not.⠀

You become more juicy and radiant.⠀

The lines are erased off your face.⠀

Sexual energy is just that powerful.


Swing chair on the beach. ⠀

Have you heard about the ancient Mayans and their penchant for sex swings? ⠀

An excellent use of gravity and momentum. ⠀


Anantara Kihavah Villas - Kudarikilu, Maldives ⠀ Photography by @davidmouradocarmo

Why is stamina important?⠀

There is an old Taoist expression which states:⠀

Sexually speaking: Men are like fire and women like water.⠀

Men are quick to ignite, and quick to extinguish.⠀

Women are slow to boil, but they keep on boiling.⠀

In order for both sexes to be satisfied, they have to meet somewhere in between.⠀

Women need to keep themselves at a constant simmer of arousal.⠀

Men learn to build stamina so they can go the distance with their woman.⠀

Watch the full video to see my ‘orgasm face’ and learn my easy and effective techniques for building stamina to last for HOURS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1PsM8JtYQc⠀


#thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Morocco Series ⠀

In the Fez medina.⠀

Got my dancing shoes and doing my best Saturday Night Fever. ⠀


Can you really grow cock?⠀


You can grow it organically too.⠀

No Viagra or cock extensions or surgery needed.⠀

So how do you get yourself a new or larger cock?⠀

The primary thing to remember is that the cock is an extension of the man.⠀

When the man is strong and powerful, his cock reflects that.⠀

Weak, shrunken cock is an indicator that the man is shrinking from life.⠀

His potency is diminished.⠀

But you can get it back.⠀

Remember the spiritual axiom?⠀

“What you focus on grows.”⠀

This great universal law also applies to cock.⠀

Find out how to grow it here: http://kimanami.com/how-to-grow-cock-organically/⠀


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