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Kim Anami  Holistic sex + relationship expert. Vaginal weight lifter. Surfer.

Sexual Superfoods: Figs⠀

Figs, figs, the vaginal fruit. ⠀

They’re good for erections too. ⠀

Figs have been known for centuries for their impact on stamina, fertility and boosting erectile power. ⠀

Sultry. Luscious. Lickable. ⠀

Nutritionally speaking, figs are full of iron, potassium and testosterone-building amino acids that give you a serious boost in energy. ⠀

And other boosts. ⠀

@talinegabriel #sexualsuperfoods

One of my major missions is to myth-bust through all the sexual ignorance out there. ⠀

A big myth is that "Not all women can ejaculate." ⠀

Yes they can. ⠀

One of the biggest reasons for women not ejaculating or "squirting" is that their vaginal muscles aren't strong enough to push out the ejaculate. ⠀

The other main reason would be a fear of letting go. ⠀

I guarantee that ALL women can shoot ejaculate across the bed, and even across the room. ⠀

All you need is a strong vagina. ⠀

And a wild self. ⠀

#jadeeggs #yonieggs #jadeegg #yoniegg
#poweredbyvagina #vaginalsuperpowers

You asked, we came through. ⠀

After years of requests, we finally created a self-study yoni egg kit and mini "salonette." ⠀

This is shorter form of our signature 8-week Vaginal Kung Fu Salon. ⠀

You receive our full VKF kit including: ⠀

- jade egg ⠀
- satin carry pouch ⠀
- rose quartz lifting stones ⠀
- silk thread ⠀
- selenite cleansing disk ⠀

Plus, how-to videos, guided exercise and visualization mps3s, including: ⠀

- Harnessing the Creative Power of Your Egg⠀
- Alchemizing and Healing Growths in the Reproductive Organs⠀
- Creativity and Money⠀

Check it out now! ⠀

Link in bio. #jadeegg #jadeeggpractice #yonieggs #yoniegg #jadeeggs #vaginalkungfu #thingsiliftwithmyvagina

New post up on the blog: The Cost of a Bad Relationship is $100,000+++⠀

You matter.⠀

Your energy matters and it affects everyone in your sphere.⠀

If your relationship is ill or dead, that deterioration spreads out to all other areas of your life. Everything you touch is now tainted with it.⠀

You become a black hole.⠀

If your relationship is healthy and thriving, and the ecosystem of your true selves is blossoming, you will “pollinate” everything around you.⠀

Your growth will help and inspire others to grow.⠀

By osmosis.⠀

You develop the Midas Touch.⠀

Everything you touch turns to gold.⠀

You can dig in to the relationship you are in now, and do the work to grow it.⠀

To grow yourselves.⠀

Or you move on. And find someone else to grow with.⠀

Or, you can watch the carnage of your life unfold.⠀

And then maybe, when you’ve been beaten into the ground, you get up.⠀

And you choose growth.⠀

The cost of a bad relationship is $100,000++++⠀

The benefit of a good one is all that and then some. #comingtogether
Full blog post: Link in bio.⠀

Image: Alexander Yakovlev

Want to know the latest trend in getting "high?"⠀

It can also help you quit pesky habits like smoking, drinking, or eating sugar: ⠀

Drinking at the Fountain of Youth. ⠀

Watch the full video to learn my killer “bring-a-vagina-to-its-knees” moves as well as four unusual reasons for a regular diet of cunnilingus. ⠀

For more benefits and techniques of a liquid diet, watch the full video. Link in bio. ⠀


The key to all successful relationships?⠀

The mighty trust.⠀

There are few things more precious, essential and foundational in intimate relationships.⠀

I know you thought I would say: “Sex! It’s number one!”⠀

Except that the very best sex, the most gourmet sex, is borne of deep trust.⠀

Feeling safe is what leads to deep surrender, which is what leads to life-changing sex and orgasms.⠀

This is the super fuel of your relationship.⠀

Without trust, you have nothing.⠀

Image: Canadian Traveller⠀

#SexualSuperfoods | Coconut⠀

It might not be vitamin BJ, but the white cream from these delicious nuts is definitely worth swallowing. ⠀
Coconuts are amazing for so many reasons. ⠀

Their water keeps you hydrated and energized for extra long sessions of play. ⠀

Their flesh is full of zinc, which keeps his prostate healthy and his erection hard. ⠀

And their oil is hands down (or hands full) the best natural lubricant going for when you venture to the dark side of the moon.⠀

It's like I designed these things myself...⠀

Rainbow Coconut Smoothie Cups by @anettvelsberg


The heart of it all. ⠀

You must have faith that love will save you. ⠀

That it’s worth making big decisions for, taking the huge risk to open and have your existence blown apart. ⠀

To know that its power will fuel your life more than anything else in the universe.⠀

That’s the part that people let go of or back away from.⠀

It isn’t love that does the shrinking.⠀

It’s your courage.⠀

I often see couples on their second or later marriages, who finally start to get it.⠀

They understand what’s required of them.⠀

They lived shrunken lives before. They know the cost of that.⠀

Now they’re ready to go big.⠀

They dare to believe.⠀

That love will deliver them.⠀

When you finally become willing to toss it all into the fire, love will find you.⠀


Our fantasies represent the parts in us that need to be expressed and exorcised. Repressing them is the worst thing we can do.⠀

Ideally, we are in a relationship that has openness and acceptance as a value. ⠀

And if it doesn’t, I advise renegotiating the terms of your relationship to include these things, or negotiating yourself out of the relationship.⠀

When non-judgment is held as the holy grail, you can move mountains. Specifically, mountains of your subconscious, unresolved shit.⠀

Exposing all of our nooks and crannies and having them be loved heals us on a profound level. And in turn, we heal others by doing the same.⠀

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Let them be your bedfellows.⠀



The activator of a woman’s deep sexual and feminine power. ⠀

Anahata opens a channel from the cervix, to the heart, to the crown chakra. ⠀

Stimulating the vagus nerve, often called the spiritual nerve, it connects a woman to her higher self and wisdom. ⠀ ⠀
The heavens accessed through her vagina. ⠀

Open yourself to profound love, ecstasy and spiritual enlightenment: link in bio. Available in the @anami_alchemia online shop. ⠀
#OrgasmicEnlightenment #lapetitemortcollection #couturedildos

#AmazingPlacestoF*ck | Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia⠀

When our sex life is thriving, it spills over and uplifts every other area of our lives. When it is lackluster, it sucks everything else into it like a vacuum.⠀

Since we live in a culture that excommunicates sex—encouraging us to shunt off its power and deny its pleasure—it’s no wonder that people are confused.⠀

On the one hand, there is a natural urge that arises to touch, to love, to enter into the deep, intense, surrendered space of conscious sexual connection.⠀

On the other hand, we have to fight against any internalized voices telling us that sex is a minor part of life or a relationship. Or worse, that there’s something bad about it.⠀

Until they reconcile these dichotomies and seek to consciously heal them, most people remain stuck in indecision.⠀

Yet, the impact of such indecision shows up in marriages that wilt and vitality that dulls.⠀

Vulnerable, heart-opened sexual connection deepens love. ⠀

It amplifies the power of it. ⠀

If you want to have more energy, charisma, confidence, beauty, intelligence and overall flow in life, prioritize your sex life.⠀

Have you had your #3HourSexDate this week?⠀

Photo: @eluxemagazine

#SexualSuperfoods | Avocado⠀

Nature loves to give us clues so it's no surprise avocados look suspiciously like gonads.⠀

They're full of folic acid and potassium, which are great for energy and stamina. ⠀

They're also high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat, which is it great for the heart, arteries and blood flow to the cock in men, and helps keep hormones in balance and the vagina lubricated in women. ⠀

Avocado on toast for breakfast anyone?⠀


Photo: @naturallyzuzu

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