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The biggest sign of being a well-f**ked woman? ⠀

Not giving a shit. ⠀

She “dances like no one is watching” and she has fully “come into” herself.⠀

She’s “out.”⠀

She doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about her clothes or her life choices or her sexual activities.⠀

Does it make her heart soar and her vagina wet?⠀

That’s all that matters.⠀

She’s impervious to all else.⠀

Her well-f**ked glow is like a force field around her.⠀

It protects and attracts.⠀

My 40-something naked body and a Malibu sunset. ⠀


Find out why they call me "the cock witch." ⠀

One of my favourite monikers, by the way. ⠀

How do you truly become a master (mistress?) of oral sex? ⠀

Whether you are pleasuring a man or a woman, learn how you can skyrocket your technique with these key principles. ⠀

Find out my five secrets to the best oral sex here: ⠀⠀

In the Well-F**ked Woman Salon, I give you all of my secret tools for oral sex, deep throating, anal sex and exquisite hand jobs. You'll also learn how to make these sex acts transcendent experiences, opening up to the cosmic energies available in them. ⠀

Because what is good sex if not transcendent and life-changing? ⠀

The Well-F**ked Woman salon starts today. Are you coming?? ⠀


#SexualSuperfoods: Matcha⠀

Matcha your way to marathon sex! ⠀

Matcha has three times the amount of caffeine as regular tea, which helps to stimulate the heart and get the blood pumping and all your nether-regions ready for action. ⠀

It's also full of L-theanine, a mineral which has been shown to have a potent calming and anxiolytic effect, while also increasing dopamine levels in the body.⠀

The combination of caffeine and l-theanine makes for an energy boost like that of coffee but without the associated nervousness or anxiety.⠀

It's clean fuel to help you get going. ⠀

And to keep going.⠀

@Healthyeating_Jo's Matcha Beet Lemon Mini Cheesecakes⠀


Let’s face it, deep throating is an acquired skill and taste. ⠀

It’s not the easiest thing to do and it demands commitment and dedication to get past the learning curve into the free-fall, bliss zone–even for you, the deep throater.⠀

Yes. Deep throating can bring you bliss.⠀

It can also make you a better person. ⠀

There are characteristics developed in the honing of the deep throat craft that are transferable life skills. Such as:⠀

1) You have to get out of your comfort zone.⠀

2) You need to focus to be successful.⠀

3) You have to surrender and let go.⠀

Who knew all the life lessons that could be learned through deep throating?⠀



Olive branch in Cinque Terre, Italy. ⠀

Seize what is yours. ⠀

#italy #cinqueterre

Happy wife, happy life. ⠀


The cervix is the queen of all female orgasms.⠀

It’s the life-changing-est of them all.⠀

Once you have one, you’ll lose interest in clitoral orgasms.⠀

And you’ll know why I encourage everyone to go deep, deep into the vagina to get your sexual/spiritual enlightenment.⠀

All the way up to the cervix.⠀

Which, is the gateway of an energy channel that goes all the way up to the crown chakra.⠀

Watch the full video:⠀


#SexualSuperfoods | Pineapple art by 🍍🍍

Pineapple is loaded with vitamin C, which helps the production of happy hormones. ⠀

Is also a good food source of manganese. In lab studies, manganese deficiencies caused loss of sex drive and a lack of semen. ⠀

Plus it contains high amounts of thiamin, a B vitamin that helps provide energy, enabling you to go all night long. ⠀



For the exhibitionists. ⠀

I often get asked the question: "Is there such thing as too much sex?"⠀

In the Taoist tradition, we use sex as a means to liberate and store energy. Hours of practice at a time is a good and rejuvenating thing. ⠀

To ensure that a lot of sex energizes rather than depletes you, make sure that you are breathing throughout: especially during intense moments and orgasm.⠀

This recirculates your sexual energy back into your body rather than ejecting it out of you. ⠀

Aim for a deep belly-breath and a four-count inhale and a four-count exhale; a good Vinyasa flow breath. ⠀

Then you'll get the most benefit out of your sexual experiences, unblocking any stagnant energy and allowing your juicy, rejuvenating sexual chi to flow where it’s needed.⠀


Being well-f**ked means you're connected to your sexual energy. ⠀

You’ve tapped into it and you are infusing it into every area of your life. ⠀

A great pounding does wonders for the psyche and soul. It allows your creative, orgasmic, life-force energy to come to the surface and be utilized. All of your rough edges get smoothed out and you align with the flow of life. ⠀

When you are missing your muse, when you are tight and wound up and brittle, your answers lie in your vagina and in your bed. ⠀ ⠀


Camel caravan (desert Uber) and bedouin in Merzouga Desert, Morocco.
This place is one of the most surreal, incredible things I've seen in my life.


Do you have a "normal" vagina? ⠀

Do you even know what that is? ⠀

My assertion is that what is normal for EVERY single vagina on the planet is to be able to: ⠀

- Shoot ping pong balls ⠀
- Hit a bullseye on a dart board, courtesy of a vagina-shot dart ⠀
- Orgasm on demand: G-Spot, cervical—all vaginal orgasms ⠀
- Hit the ceiling with ejaculate ⠀
- Make a man come or stop him from coming with the power of the vagina alone ⠀

Does this sound incredible? Freakish even? ⠀

No. ⠀

THIS is normal. This is what all vaginas can and ought to be able to do. ⠀

Watch the full video on vaginal talent: ⠀ ⠀


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