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Rob Bailey  Explorer. Creator. Vegan. booking@flagnorfail.com


@danalinnbailey and I drove completely different cars to the @thewarhousegym today.

White on white. @flagnorfail long sleeve releasing Tuesday. Www.flagnorfail.com
@horohophoto making me look like a car model✊🏼

Today I will be observing from above. Like a hawk. Like a hawk in a hammock. A 260lb hawk in a hammock posting to Instagram on his iPhone.
#hammocksandotheritemsreleasingthistuesday! @flagnorfail

That last post is getting a little heated. I'll try to calm the mood with a little #throwbackthursday

Working from home today with the squad. With Dboh's health recently I've decided to try to spend more time at the house. Out feeding the goats and Ben showed up! He wanted to play with the goats but they where not interested. It's really amazing how much ben, the goats act like dogs. Once you learn their personalities. Animals are friends, not food.

Let talk about the next release and what the word ‘explore’ means to me.  Take it for face value and think of hiking mountains and trails, investigating wilderness and thats fine.  But lets relate it to life. There is definitely a path, that is clearly laid out for us al to follow. Majority of the time that path is not that exciting.  I encourage you to take some fucking chances, step off the path that is laid out in front of you and explore some possibilities.  Life is so fucking cool right now, there is so much opportunity.  And you are holding most of the opportunity in your hand right now. Get out and EXPLORE LIFE. Stop going thru the motions. I promise you will not regret it.  This ‘explore’ shirt I’m wearing sitting eloquently on a stump will we available in a few colors for this months release, which is next tuesday the 27th. #ivebeentoldIneedtocutmyhair

Just stumbled across this pic from adventure tour.
Thought it was worth a share.

I never thought I would love this hip bag this much. You will see me wearing it every day. Keys/ phone / blog camera / $.... not huge and bulky/ not a "lol @ me " fanny pack.... and.... we priced it extremely affordable at 16$. I dare you to find a name brand hip pack for that price. Available now for a limited time www.flagnorfail.com. Tag me in a good photo if you have one of you wearing it and I'll slide in ur Dm to get ur addy and send you a gift ;)

See ya Montana. Headed back to PA.
Idk if @danalinnbailey will recognize me, I'm due for a hair cut


Weighed in at 257.
Training fasted... that new STW got me like @runeverythinglabs

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