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Emily Banerjee  Follow my business page @hennabyemb and check out my SC: Killinemb to see behind the scenes. CPT💪🏽 NPC Bikini Competitor🏋🏽‍♀️EC Alum🎓 Dog Mom 🐾


The best part of my job is that every WOD, for every client on every hour of every day, I get to be creative. I introduce to you: The Burpee 2.0. #CPT #killinemb (@ all my ladies: yep you’ll be learning this at some point, hehe) #hurtssogood #momentumisyourfriend

Mommy’s watch dog, trying his damnedest to stay up. #canecorso #baneraja #fatboy #mybigbaby #gaurddog #hewilleatyou #andyourkids

Are dog moms called DMILFs?

Miami Beach: the land of forced wedgies and 2:1 cocktails. But idk which one came first.

They call it the Sunshine State, I call it my Happy Place.

One week ago Anthony and I celebrated our two year anniversary. I have been thinking about what to do this year since last year. After some thorough googling I decided we would take a trip but at first I wasn't quite sure where? do we go on a cruise? Do we go driving distance? Do we go international? What about the dog? At some point it probably became more stressful than anything else, until one day all just fell into place. For those of you who may know, Anthony is a die hard Oakland Raiders fan, I'm talking DIE HARD! Unfortunately however not only will this be their last season as the Oakland Raiders, they will still be located all the way across the country. So, I figured maybe we can go somewhere where they would be playing. On the weekend of our anniversary his favorite team was playing in MIAMI! So? That's where we were going!! So, I knew where we were going, I knew when we were going and I knew what we were doing but I couldn't tell the person that I live with a damn thing for over three months. I quickly came obsessed with watching surprise trips on YouTube and that's when I decided I would give him his gift in the form of a scavenger hunt. I was only able to post the end of his last clue and his reaction of course because it was so long but essentially it was a memory game, yes I put him on spot lol, I want to take a second to apologize for his potty mouth LOL as you can see he was excited, as was I! This was the longest I've ever kept a secret, although I made sure to tell everybody and anybody I could trust I still couldn't tell the one person I wanted to. And thank you so much to everyone who managed to keep the secret a secret, thank you to my Auntie Sue and uncle Danny for welcoming us for our first two nights with you, I think Anthony loves you Auntie Sue more than me. And thank you so much to my new cousins Destiny and Ben for taking us under your wing and showing us around for an epic evening. Here's some footage and flicks from the best five days of my life with the love of my life. #happy2years #frombestietobae #loveyou


So I took him on a Baecation.

Not only did she customize each finger and completely re-do a couple designs she did it all at 8 AM. Thank you for working with my insane schedule. Your artistic work is sincerely appreciated. Like I said almost 2 years ago "I respect what you're doing and I respect what you will do" love you!!

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