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Alex  I just wanna eat some cookies. New Mexico. Oh gingers, you slay me. πŸ“·πŸŽ₯😐πŸͺπŸ”«πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸˆπŸ€βšΎοΈ


I actually got a drop for once! I might never actually wear these though. Lol. #gotem

He's an #asshole sometimes but he's still a cute asshole. #heelergram

I need to build like 4 of these. Garage has horrendous storage space. Who's going half on the wood with me? πŸ˜…

Oh too good. πŸ˜‚


Every time I drive lately I want to extinct the human race. Maybe dinos will thrive once again to replace our stupid selves.

It was kinda cool having a #bee #hive in my backyard. I should do it again. Taking pics of them with a #50mm prime lens was a little unnerving though. πŸ˜… It was the only way to get that depth of field! #olympus #photooftheday

Sometimes he acts like he's an angel. I know the real Coogie though. He's a #butthead #heelergram #redheeler

#Throwback to when I used to drive down to the old job late at night to get some #e85 and #racegas for those late night highway runs! #toyota #supra #brokeass

I guess I'll finally use this guy today on a very appropriate day! Whether you're home, deployed or on your way back, thank you.

#TBT to when I used to work at the church of #beejus.

My last post lead me into this mini rant. You make this beautiful FT1 concept, then, from what we can tell you go and completely neuter it with the test mules we've seen running around that don't even look close to the concept. Why can't you just simplify the design for mass production purposes and make the damn car? If you lose money who cares! You make it back 100 fold on every other car in the lineup that sells in droves. Let the engineers make what they want and screw the bean counters. The #FT1 could have been one of the best sports cars around if you guys weren't so hellbent on being pedestrian. It would have been one of the best looking cars on the road if you just gave the people what they resoundingly want. I'm sure Toyota would like to tango with the GTR and Corvette but you gotta go big ya weenies. If Nissan can do it why can't a company many times bigger like #Toyota do it? Drop the gauntlet! Make this car, not some vanilla boring version of it with no balls. Turbo I6, RWD, 6 speed, $50k, 450hp. You guys need your hybrid? AWD, turbo v8, hybrid, 570hp, $85k. In this package who WOULDN'T buy it?! Sell a couple thousand a year in the hybrid. Do it because you can, not because it's fiscally responsible. Otherwise what was the point in showing how marvelous of a performance vehicle you guys could make with the #LFA? You guys got commercials with people racing Camrys against each other and nonsense like that. How is anyone supposed to take you serious when it comes to sports cars when that's the "sport" you're showing. C'mon. You have the FRS why isn't that in a sporty commercial instead of a Camry? 250hp #TRD #FRS, It's the only thing that would make an already great car better. @toyotausa @toyotaracingdevelopment @toyotauk Just do it. #Rant over, not like it'll change anything. Lol.

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