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P R I S cilla  🆒

welcome to the concrete jungle.

i'd volunteer for jury duty again solely because they had an entire list of different pacific islands to choose from in their demographic ballot. #chamorro

at his absolute happiest 💕

#willthebodacious #phavoritephriends #makeportraits

De Colores was one of the first songs i ever memorized.

on brims.


ain't nothin' but a g-thang baby.

john hughes is one of my biggest inspirations; here's a freeze frame of today.

mi café es su café.

i love him because he never complains when i tell him to stand somewhere so i can take a photo. even if it happens a million times within a five block radius.
#pbjwilla #willthebodacious

there's nothing like seeing the perfect light during golden hour in #NYC.

all i see is a creature kicking its leg up.

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