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Said That Meant That Represent That! 🤘🏾🐐

The Dumb Way!!! @cartelbo_neverforgetloyalty 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #ChildOfRage

Pull up today @htxtactical grand opening!

I ain’t fatten no frog to feed a snake. Ole “For Everybody Ass Hoes” be wanting monogamous treatment! I ain’t treating no female like a wife that ain’t acting like she want to be one. Bitch looking for an investor not love or a better half. It’s a difference!!! All you bitter bitches that allowed a nigga to mistreat you don’t jump in the comments in ya feelings cause hit dogs holler! You picked that nigga quit blaming everybody but yourself! #LetsDebate #TruthSoundLikeHate #TheUglyTruth

Tell that hoe if she gotta phone 911 is her best bet and since you niggaz saving these hoes go join the coast guard! Halloween 30 days away and you niggaz already buying up the Superman costumes! *Keyword “HOES”

#Mood When she tryna sell you a dream but you the know bitch lying... #TheGhettoTwins #CupCakeAndLadyBug

If you know you know. Down for the cause not down for applause. Down for the movement and not the moment.

“Street Verified✅” BrickTape Coming Soom! Real Street Niggaz that just happen to rap! @chuckytrill101 @poone_amg @bostongeorgeamg @ceo_kc4 @cityy @rayfacesmm @southparktrap @strictgrind_wy_fy #UnfairLineUp drop a comment if u fucking with it!!!

Challenge? I’ll do it in a HellCat Challenger looking for challengers! 🔥 #WhoBoutItChallenge @haroldlujah213 @1501_certified_ent Run me that issue 😂 The MF’n 🐐+🦍+👽=Me

Chocolate & Vanilla | Superstar Day @ The SchoolHize.

The MF 🐐! I keep getting better with time bitch I’m a Cabernet!!!!!!

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