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Cam  Tampa🎨

What do you do the BEST with the least amount if effort.

Excited to be moving back here🤙🏾 If you are in SWFL let’s connect! Don’t be shy😎

This is the best thing about photography. As we are walking thru DTLA I see this beautiful group of ladies. I’m like “Excuse me, where are you guys from?” Of course they happened to be from Colombia, so I quickly switched into my zone and started speaking Spanish, “Enserio! My primera novia es do Colombia bla bla bla me encata Bandeja Paisa bla bla bla, do you mind if we take a picture with you guys?!” I’m like “Chris hop in dat bih real fast!” Long story short we needed some art for his new track called “Lowkey” dropping tomorrow. It’s all about finding that balance between being different & authentic. And don’t forget to be outgoing and talk to strangers*, it just might bring you guys together🤫💡

I don’t even like coffee.

It’s all about catching that moment that’s so basic. For some reason it’s interesting to capture the most basic things that happen, like the outside of a tattoo shoo being painted by a tattoo artist🤔. On a side note, In real everyday terms, the way we talk to ourselves and others instantly shapes how we perceive life, and that same perception directly impacts our behavior right there in the moment.💡#BAM

Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. Food page in the near future?🤷🏾‍♂️


Keeping the positive vybs a float with my @enbois.originals around my writs🌴

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