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Word up.

Another great run in the sun. This is my 9th run in a row...I keep forgetting to take a day off lol. These runs keep me alive though. They keep me happy and I'm literally scared to stop running. I run more for my mental health and my physical health is a plus. Anyway...Forgive someone today. Forgive yourself today. Say hi to a stranger. Have a conversation with a person with no home and give them a buck or two or some food. Changing the world starts with changing yourself. Killa loves you all! #killa #thankyou #universe for the #energy #meditation #change #love

Finish class then walk 2 miles with the sun out. Get home, change, stretch n then run out. Breathe calm; simple as it comes in simple as it comes out. Yea right by mile 5 feel like I'm bout to blow a lung out.
Lol great run today considering it's 103 degrees out! Felt like giving up from the get go, but I focused up n before I knew it, the heat felt cool. Didn't feel the heat afterword, but my body felt the sun if you get what I mean. Anyway if you're reading this hope you have an amazing day! Forgive yourself and others that's very important! Killa loves you all. Thank you #universe For your #energy #nikeplus #run #NoHo #runinthesun

Sun's out guns out. I'm talking bout my legs, they automatic 'n the ammo never runs out. I'm here to gun down and shut down those simple minds who run mouths. I only run but one route, but don't think I'm only fighting one bout. They're many, but I got plenty to say I won now. What now?....
Hope that didn't have a negative tone to it lol Great run. Nice distance and satisfactory time. If you're reading this I hope you have a great day. Much love to all!!! The world is yours! #killa #nikeplus #run #rap #love #live thank you beautiful #universe for your #energy that's making me a better me. (The run is from today but the picture I used isn't)

Power like a ranger bitch I'm mighty morphin. Sorry, this runners high is fuckin with my emotions. Heart beat racing, motivation, endorphins. End it, cool down, celebrate some more wins.
Anyway, less mileage today, but I killed my average! I'll eventually get back to where I once was, but it's gonna take a lot of work. Anyway I hope you all have a great day. The world is yours. Much love to you all! #killa #nikeplus #run thank you my wonderful #universe for your #energy that's making me a better me.

Running like I stole some jewels. Sweat drippin shirt looking like I'm jumping in pools. Tired but ain't quittin ain't trippin I'm cool. It's a marathon not a race stop shittin me fool.
Another great run. Finished my 6 miles 3 min faster than last run. I'm celebrating that! Hope you all have a great day #killa sends you all love. #nikeplus #run thank you my beautiful #universe for your energy.

Mile average wasn't good, but I've been recovering from a leg injury. Considering that fact, it was overall a good run. Good day to you all. Killa loves you all! #Killa #B #nikeplus #NoHo #thankyou #universe

#FavoriteFemaleFriday #BFFFriday #WifeyFriday Not a day goes by that I don't remind myself how lucky I am to have you in my life. You're my favorite person in the world (besides our beautiful kids). You're not just an amazing mother, wife, friend, daughter, but you're an amazing human being and above that you're such a pure soul with such a kind radiant energy. Your lips taste like sugar and your hugs secure me and make me feel like I'm not falling. Your honesty is refreshing as a wave by the beach. You say hello, but all I hear is "I'm here for you." Your beauty is a perfect reflection of your soul. I am in love with you. A little over 10 years into our relationship and I miss you when you're not by my side. You're special in the most special way. Thank you for being the most authentic you that you can be. ❤️

2 min faster than two runs ago. I'm celebrating that. I do start thinking that I'm giving it my all for 5 miles when I've done in a day what took me a week. That's crazy. Anyway good day to you all. Enjoy your Friday! Much love from #Killa #byphee #nikeplus thank you beautiful #universe for the #energy you give me to #run

I mean seriously!? Lmao some people I tell ya... #wrongnumber

Worked on my mile average a tiny bit. Finished 5 miles 1 min and 40 seconds faster than last time. I say celebrate every victory. Good day to you all, much love from the #Killa #B #nikeplus Thank you #universe #run #energy

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