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Kamaren Cole  24 ❤. LEO 🦁. NURSE 💉. snapchat:killaakamm2. MEAL GUIDE ⬇️⬇️⬇️

See a smile, send a smile 😁
📸: @body_by_t

Keep that smile, it’s fitting 😄.

People make time for the things that are important to them, know that.

Spring, is that you fam!? Thanks for stopping by 🤗

Little upper body finisher @billboi_270 always makes sure he completely kills me. Feels good to be back in the lab 😌.

Pretty girls smile ☺️

Show them legs some love
🔹 25 wide 🔹 25 narrow
🔹 25 front
🔹 12, 15, 20 dropsettttt

Gotta stop and check the gains after a solid workout 😜

Ended shoulder day with a little challenge. Gotta get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

People often ask me “Kam how are you always so happy?” Just because I’m smiling or laughing doesn’t mean everything is all good. But why would I walk around bitter, miserable, and looking like I hate life? I refuse to be like that. The day still continues and life still has to be lived no matter what we have going on. So why not make the best of it!? Negative energy is is positive energy. I’ll choose to continue to spread that positive energy. In return it makes me a happier person 😌.

Current physique @ 130 lbs. I’m 5ft and usually sit between 122 -130lbs. So I’m on the heavier end of my comfort zone right now. HOWEVER, I don’t really stress about the number on the scale. If I feel good at 130 I don’t mind staying there. I don’t compete, I lift weights for my own pleasure. I love the way it makes me feel and I love the changes I’m able to put my body through. ALWAYS DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY ☺️.

Don’t fall under the false belief that every female with a lot of followers is an Instagram model. I have a whole career outside of this app and I LOVE it 💙. This thing is solely for motivation and entertainment. 💋

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