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Kilian Martin -- ---Professional Skateboarder. --------------------------------------------- I LOVE SKATEBOARDING. @Powellperalta

Altered Route is one of my favorite projects I have ever done!

Filmed/Directed by the amazing @brettnovak
Music: Patrick Watson - Adventures in your own backyard.

In case you missed this moment in history!

Double Flip?
Filmed for Smart Car Tv commercial.

Aladdin can skate! @jessewelle

Kickflip while surfing!
By @paniolonate

I love skateboarding.
New shove it tailgrab to shove it!
Ollie impossible.
Ollie north.

Ready to go skate!!!
Thank you @drinkorgain for this awesome protein shake!🌱💪🏼

Have a good Sunday.👍🏼
Amazing Snow Skateboarding.

Skaters: @alangerlach @chucksk8 @danbergeon , Austin welter, Taras Ryabokon

New tricks!
Name these tricks.

What's your favorite skateboarding trick?
Rail Handstand 1 1/2 flip to crossfoot. CartWheel flip Bodyvarial. Wallplant late heelflip.
Filmed by @brettnovak

SILVERSURFER the amazing journey through New York!
Tag your friends. 👍🏽
For those who missed it.

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