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Got out of work early. Snuck in on Francine sleeping like an adorable angel. ❤️

Happy 13.5 to my bff. I can't imagine life without this girl, enjoy a beer in her honor today. (And yes, after 13 we're celebrating half-bdays)

For all the Lou fans....

Went out for the first time in months, logically that should be for a McDonaldland/Black Sabbath band, right?

Nothing more beautiful than Francine smiling.

Why do you put hats on me to make me behave?

YES! ❤️

Marching today was so incredibly inspiring and amazing. We will fight to keep the rights so many fought for and are stronger together#womensmarch #womensmarchonchicago

Women's Rights are Human Rights. 250,000 strong! #whyimarch #womensmarch #womensmarchonchicago #chicago

It's great when you HAVE to use up last years vacation and get an impromptu week off with the fur-kids. Brutus is feeling much better with me here, I think that means i should just stay home with him everyday #earlyretirement

Why does my brother get a new tshirt? #littlejerk #selfish

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