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KIMI  russian anime otaku ⭐️ 🇷🇺 lilas 🇫🇷 city 🇯🇵 zucca 🇰🇷 ever 🇹🇭 sumon bookings : lilasagency@gmail.com


What is that?

Hey sunshine ♥️

🐍🐍🐍 w/ @alyonakuzmina


I’m back!
Now my mental mood is amazing and i can make more funny stupid pics of me and others 🔥

Guys i know no one really cares but i’ll take a rest without using Instagram and else but my friends can message me. I need to be alone and concentrate on myself only and japanese books, to relax and concentrate on my mind, i need to be alone for a while and i promise i’ll come back with fresh mind and new ideas ♥️ #seeusoon

Last sunny days in Moscow, after we’ll have cold-cloudily weather for 8 months 🙆🏼🤔

For @eso_salon ‘s shooting 🙆🏼🖤

14 years old.
This post is going to be about people who changed my life even met me once or twice.
That’s a photographers. Who took my pictures when i was 13-14 years old. That time i was at school and it was really hard to go somewhere else after classes in Moscow. That people find something beautiful and inspiring in me, what changed my life slowly. When i posted my first shoot in media, my classmate was joking on me “phhh look she is a MODEL don’t be rude with her. She is FAMOUS. U don’t understand. She works with VOGUE. IN FOREST AHAHAH”
And i wasn’t mad cuz i realized what jealous is. But i really support that talented and nice people who noticed me on the streets even they were and still top-photographers who made amazing pictures. Or they were beginners and now making amazing pictures. Stories of them are different, but my emotions about them are the same. Thank you for letting me believe in my beauty and take the way i am. I really appreciate it.
Photo: @maratneva

When she was young

iPhoneカメラの汚れは落ちるけど心の汚れは落ちにくい @theyogaboys のいい言葉を変わりましたけど意味が一緒ですから大丈夫🙆
U can clean out dirt from Phone camera but it’s going to be hard to clean out dirt from smb’s heart.

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