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kinseyallyn  Music Journalist livin' somewhere between the grays and blues in Seattle, Wash. 🌨

@feistmusic is my number one. Forever and always. This record is reaching through me unlike anything.

From the May 22 issue of The New Yorker.

Growing out my roots has been ugly, but I really enjoy ugly things.


Home sweet home.

For your pleasure.

The 🌈groovy🌈 southwest

Here is a caption about me being back home.

I have no words, @kendricklamar. If you're not listening to this album you're doing something very wrong with your 2017.

The new album by @sylvanesso is an electronic safe haven followed up with twitches of folk and harmonic color that supersedes expectation of any sophomore album. It's so good you guys. So. Good. 🔥🔥🔥

Brilliant sunlight calls for ocean tasties.

My favorite little article from the March13 New Yorker. Question: Why is my Sadness Lamp humming?
Answer: "your Sadness Lamp achieved sentience. Please perform the LifeBrite Sadness Lamp Sentience Test, which can be downloaded from our website. Be sure that the questions on the test have in no way been made available to your Sadness Lamp before hand. If your Sadness Lamp test positive for sentience, please promptly immerse it and boric acid, and we will send you a brand-new, non-sentient lamp." By Sarah Hutto #thenewyorker

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