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Ki Hong Lee  New Episodes of Mr. Soulmate every Tuesday & Friday Twitter: Kihonglee

Don’t let this pic fool u. I have NO IDEA how to play chess. Also Ep. 6 of #MrSoulmate is live now on my #igtv Check it out! #미스터소울매이트 Ep. 6 라이브입니다 꼭 봐주세요!

Anyone want to play #catan tonight? RIGHT after watching #MrSoulmate? Episode 5 is now live on my #igtv #미스터소울매이트 Ep. 5 나왔습니다. 재미있게 보세요!

Episode 4 of #MrSoulmate is live on my #igtv Ft. the amazing @lanamckissack and @mannywontborria #미스터소울매이트 Episode 4 나왔습니다! 재미있게보기 바랍니다!

Episode 3 of #MrSoulmate is live on my #igtv Check it out on my profile. #미스터소울매이트 Episode 3 ft. @lanamckissack @joannasotomura & @mannywontborria

What am I looking at? Looking at Ep 2 of #MrSoulmate which is live now on my #Igtv Check it out on my profile and let me know what u think. Might see some familiar faces. 😉 #미스터소울매이트 Episode 2 인제 나왔습니다! 잘부탁드립니다!

Episode 1 of Mr. Soulmate is live on IGTV Check out the IGTV link on my profile. #MrSoulmate #미스터소울매이트

A teaser poster for a project I've been shooting for the last few months. It's an improv web drama that I co-created with some friends. First episode will be premiering on my IGTV this Friday, 11/23. Please check it out!
#igtv #mrsoulmate #webdrama #미스터소울매이트
제가 지난 몇 달 동안 찍은 프로젝트의 티저 포스터 입니다. 친구들과 공동 제작 한 즉흥적 인 웹 드라마이예요 . 첫 번째 에피소드는 이번 금요일 11월 23일 금요일 IGTV에서 초연 될 예정입니가. 잘 부탁 드립니다!

We just bought a house! Jk...who can afford a house at today’s prices? 📷 @estherjulee or @jacobthefu

Shoutout to Asian Boss Girls everywhere. Give @asianbossgirl a listen. Congrats on Season 3! Subscribe to ABG-AsianBossGirl on @applepodcasts @itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or Overcast for the new season #asianbossgirl #abg

Wise words from @tomngo422 (a day late, I know) #worldmentalhealthday2018

Just do it #vote

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