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Off duty cop pulling a gun on teens in Anaheim. I don't want to encourage fear, keep your vibrations high and fear low. When are we going to stop giving humans the power to murder and oppress but not the power to control their bodies and have basic human rights? We're trusted with guns yet not trusted to be in control of our bodies? I don't post about everything because it's over whelming but this is an accurate depiction of our latinos and children's futures that we need to all be conscious of because action needs to be taken now. Love to our protestors in Anaheim last night ❤️

Tune into #abffhonors now. Great company to be in and so proud of how far we've come. When I book a job, you get a job!!! Cause we black and opening doors for one another!!!! 💪🏽💥 now that I've got your attention I'd like to remind you to keep our protestors that are still facing the military at standing rock in your prayers, meditation and heart. We still won ❤. “I think people are saying goodbye,” said Ms. Red Bull, who spent about six months here. “I think that’s why people are setting things on fire: as a way of a last homage to what had become many people’s homes. A community was here.”

#NoBanNoWall Downtown la from Pershing square. Right now. #sanctuaryforall

#abff tonight xx

It's my house

Is #tbt still a thing

Speaking of mamas, I'm so happy you're mine. you're younger than me in this picture! You look exactly the same you witch 😂 #WCW

Mans & his moms are 😍😍😍😍😍happy early bday boo. Tanya, thanks for making him! I owe u.

What a show, what a woman. #nyfw

@prabalgurung happened like this.

Lil lady groovin' with @dvf