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Kiera  stubborn but lovin 😘 S ❀️

We had to stop the car so i could get a photo infront of this wall

couple of clips taken from my trip to america 2 years back ✈️ can't wait to make some siiiick videos when i go to europe πŸ˜‰πŸ₯‚ #america #disneyland #usa #hawaii #lasvegas #universalstudios

Soooo uhh... this is gonna suck to write. Almost a year ago i started a very lengthy application to apply for a job i've wanted since i can remember. If you know me even the slightest you already know what that job is. 11 months later, countless hours of studying, physically and mentally draining myself, stacks upon stacks of paperwork, psychological testing, fitness testing, quitting a job that i loved to be in this line of work, you don't even wanna know the rest... today i got told that the second last step of my application i have been unsuccessful. As you can probably tell, i'm devastated. This is the only step in the entire application process that you cannot get feedback. I can't even explain to my parents why/how/what i did that made me an unsuccessful applicant. But im writing this so that all my friends and family see it. And so that whoever the hell sees this knows that i tried. I have never worked so hard for something in my entire fucking life. But this is a promise to myself aswell. I am not able to reapply for this job for one whole year. But in one year im coming back twice as fucking strong.

my snapchat followers saw it first πŸ’‹

@cjjustiin happy birthday to this gorgeous gal ❀

look at how SOFT my new pjs are ☁️

you beautiful goddamn woman you. @adele

moments after this photo was captured we all managed to complete an escape room drunk lmaooo @shaungilbo14 @amytodddd @brad_wood5 @rickywhodoesnthaveinstagram

Thanks for having us jbiebs xx @jemm_hughes

Miss you and love you everyday my baby @aa.wallis

today was a day for paintball πŸ˜œπŸ”« #pewpew

96 days 😍 @caitlin.ash ❀

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