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KidStance- Start Them Young 🚘  Est. 2011: We customize kids ride-on toys! All inquiries, please refer to our contact options. (BLUE BUTTONS⬇) Thanks! 😄 #kidstance #kidstancebuilt

So I tried a thing.... but if you really want to see some dope custom @hotwheelsofficial cars go check out my dude @mastadone, that's the inspiration. @vankulture #vankulture

@ks_n8 reliving the time @madmike.123 gave him a personal video tour of his garage. Definitely a top five moment for him in his life as Mike is one of his real life superheroes😎. Still can't thank you enough for this Mike👊🏾.
#itsthesimplethings #motivation #hero #madmikewhiddett

When you cross #flashbackfriday with #transformationtuesday. Some builds just simply require a longer time and attention than others, which is often the case when a customer brings us an old or used car to resurrect/customize. I have a love hate relationship with these type of builds because there's a little more involved when doing them and they often have to get pushed to the side in order for me to knock out easier projects and keep the bills paid. Thank God that my customers understand that and are not only patient but believe 100% that I'm going to go beyond their expectations. With that said here's a few pics of a 6v #dodge #viper I've been slowly bringing back to life these past few months.✔ Repainted gloss black, ✔lowered,✔ widened,✔ custom fenders,✔ custom wheels,✔ carbon accents(wrapped), ✔Lamborghini aventador rear diffuser conversion with exhaust,✔ 12v upgrade with new battery and dual motors instead of single etc....#kidstanceedition #dodgeviper #kidstancebuilt #kidstance #e3customs #stayhumble @juskingme with the decals🙌🏾

#kidstanceedition 6v #lamborghini #aventador... SOLD!!!
✔ lowered
✔ custom wheels
✔ wing ✔ front and side splitters ✔ SV style rear diffuser conversion

Feel like my @leencustoms pin collection is finally getting somewhere. Missed a bunch of limited editions but looking forward to what he'll be dropping next 🙌🏾👊🏾
On a side note, gotta get my hands on a @button_built Ferrari next👀

Check out @leencustoms page for all the cool pins he offers and get your collection started today!!!

Probably the last "up for grabs" car I'll have this year. More info on this one soon.
#kidstanceedition #lamborghiniaventador

Been too busy to really take time to post some of my latest builds..... well that and the fact that I'm no longer taking orders for the year so I purposely tried to stay lowkey so I could focus on getting the rest of the orders out in hopes of having some "me" time lol. Funny part is that the ones who actually read what I said saw that I said I'm done for THIS year and well let's just say January is going to be a busy month for me. Guess my prototypes will have to wait a little longer. Eventually I'll learn how to say no😫 but it's hard when you get pics like this from your customers @tgorfid 😅. Shout out to @kikofab_ for the work on the water tank, @lgmotoring for the welds on the ladder, and @juskingme for the decal work as usual.
#kidstanceedition #hummerh2 style #firetruck #kidstancebuilt #kidstance

This made me laugh😅

What a weekend😴

Say it to my face then...... um I wasn't talking to you, I meant the truck behind you😫
#kidstanceedition #kidstancebuilt #kidstance

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