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One key to party planning success? Timing! Check out for more.

Crucial Party Success Tip: Book Your Character Early!
As parents, we generally do things when we need to do them.
It’s not that we’re lazy, or procrastinators, it’s just that the to-do list is usually so long we find ourselves putting out fires most days rather than looking ahead at what we can do today to make tomorrow easier.
When it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, it always turns out to be more work than we first envisioned.
It’s not unusual to be running to three different stores the morning of the party to grab just “one more thing” to make our little angel’s party perfect.
After all, who wants to be saddled with the guilt of having let your child down on her birthday party?
If you’ll follow our Kids Party Characters party planning checklist, you should find yourself better prepared and organized than usual, but it’s best to just accept that the morning of the party will be reserved for last minute requests, changes, and forgotten items.

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Here’s a snippet of my latest blog post. You can check out the rest at With fall in the air, we need to do what we can to help keep our kids healthy. Here’s some ways to do that.
Summer hung on for a long time in much of the United States, but colder temperatures are beginning to prevail, with many areas already seeing snow.

Even those who love the fuzzy sweaters, warm fires, and hot cocoa that the colder temperatures bring, dread the inevitable colds and sicknesses the cooler air seems to usher in with it.

While it may be impossible to avoid every sniffle this winter, being aware of what weapons truly work against winter illnesses will go a long way towards fighting off the worst of them.

The Wear Your Coat Myth

Let’s first talk about what doesn’t work to prevent colds.

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times — or even said it yourself — "Put your coat on or you’ll catch a cold!" For whatever reason, many kids don’t like to wear coats at temperatures we think they need them.

The good news from your child’s perspective is that being cold doesn’t cause you to get a cold. (Which is probably also good news for parents, since we can quit harping on our kids to put that coat on). A cold is caused by a virus finding its way into your mouth, nose, or eyes.

So why do our kids tend to get the cold and flu bugs when winter comes?

There could be a couple of reasons.

First, cold weather dries out the lining of your nose, making it easier to get an infection. This means a scarf or face mask may be more helpful to your child than that coat he doesn’t want to wear.

Second, we tend to spend more time inside in the winter and therefore are in closer contact with each other, making it easier for viruses to spread.

If it’s not as simple as wearing your coat, then what can we do to ensure that our kids aren’t fighting illness all winter?

These five strategies will help.

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Good News for the Work at Home Mom

When you hear the phrase “work at home mom,” what’s the first image that comes to your mind?

The Choice Between Time and Money

So we leave our corporate jobs, or never start them at all, and when either the need or desire for more money or a business outside of that of raising our kids comes up, many moms feel like they’ll have to settle for the “little extra” most work at home mom jobs bring in.

One, I can have the corporate-style job, potentially pulling in a six-figure salary and being able to afford all the extras for my kids, but then having to hire someone to drive them around because I don’t have time to be too involved in their lives.

Or two, I can be the stay at home mom who runs a little side business that makes a little side money, which might allow me to involve my kids in more of what they want, if I can clip enough coupons this week.

As working moms we can set ourselves up to have money for our kids and family, or time with our kids and family, but not both.

New Mindset, New Choices

The first step to getting there is to change your mindset around what it means to be a work at home mom.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Work at Home Business

1. The Opportunity for Passive Income
When you start your work from home business, you’ll want to choose a business where you do the work to get things set up.
2. Reoccurring Customers
When deciding on your work from home business then, make sure it’s one where you’ll have customers coming back.
3. A Proven Business Model
Another big hurdle for new business owners is finding something that actually works.

Cheryl has built Kids Party Characters to a six figure business, so you know you’re starting a business that’s in demand.

When you partner with Kids Party Characters, your membership includes step-by-step training from Cheryl on how to set up your new business.
If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for book a free chat with Cheryl right here and she’ll walk you through all the details.
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After 90 years old MickeyMouse is still a childhood favorite.

Standing the test of time.

Happy Birthday Mickey.
Visit for our over 200 Characters to choose from.

Bringing Children’s Imagination to Life
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Everything is Pumpkin Flavored! But is it Healthier?

While the summer temperatures continue to hang on in many parts of the United States, it’s clear that fall is in the air.
If the weather doesn’t give it away, the fact that every single item in your local grocery store now comes in pumpkin flavor certainly does.
Before you’re tempted to grab six boxes of pumpkin Pop-Tarts, take a moment to ask yourself whether the addition of pumpkin can really turn a food that’s devoid of any nutritional value into something you want your kids to eat.
What’s So Good About #Pumpkin?
Pumpkin, which you may be surprised to find out is a fruit, is actually a very nutritious food.

Here are some of the big benefits of eating pumpkin.

#Antioxidants: Pumpkin is high in antioxidants, which means it’s good for your whole body, including joint and organ health (especially your eyes) and stress relief.
One antioxidant in particular, beta-carotene, is highly prevalent in pumpkin. This powerful anti-oxidant may reduce cancer risks, protect against asthma and heart disease, and have anti-aging qualities.

#Fiber: The fiber in pumpkin helps rid the body of toxins, aids in digestion, and can help reduce the risk of colon cancer. It also and supports a healthy heart.

Because most Americans don’t get enough fiber, and pumpkin is a great source of fiber, adding it into your fall diet makes good sense.

#Protein and #FattyAcids: The seeds of the pumpkin are high in protein and fatty acids, which helps keep cholesterol in check, promotes healthy skin and optimal brain function, and protects against arthritis. The fatty acids also aid in the absorption of glucose, which may help control diabetes.
#Magnesium: Also found in the seeds and pulp of the pumpkin, magnesium helps maintain bone and tooth health.
#VitaminC: Strengthens the immune system and helps maintain healthy skin.
#Carotids: Not only do these give the pumpkin their orange color, they help protect your body against cardiovascular disease and premature aging.
#Potassium: Also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, as well as reducing the risk of stroke, and protecting muscle.

Invite your child’s favorite Princess & her Prince for a birthday gift.

Visit for our over 200 Characters to choose from.

Bringing Children’s Imagination to Life
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Kids Party Characters is excited to announce that we have 37 bouncy houses available to add onto your costumed character parties! Visit for prices and photos.

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