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Anna Macfarlane  It's ok to laugh. You were the worst once, too. Use #kidsaretheworst to be featured. Email for collaborations. & @annaistheworst @thingsaretheworst

And then? ...Oh really? ...gasp!

#mylyingliarchild #kidsaretheworst

We know we SHOULD talk to our kids about Internet safety, set limits, prepare them for WHEN they see something mature, talk about social media, etc etc etc.
But so often not knowing WHAT to say or HOW MUCH, overwhelms us enough so we just use a few “safety” apps or trust that the “kids’ channel” will be secure enough.
It’s not. Communication is the number one most important tool you have to help your kids navigate the online world. And if you have access to the Internet AT ALL (and since you’re reading this, I’m gonna assume that’s a yes 🤣), you need to have these conversations with your kids.
My brand new GUIDE for SMART Kids Online is LIVE. There are seven lessons for you to start the smart conversations with your family. And a contract to sign at the end. Get talking.
Introductory offer to my #kidsaretheworst people: use the code WORST7 for $7 off the downloadable guide.
It’s all love, education, communication. You’ve got this!! (Link in profile or at

Sounds great, Brenda. I’ll get right on it. 😒🙄 Send me all the photos of the poutiest kid faces in the DM (direct message) or tag #kidsaretheworst on your posts!

You won’t like me when you tattle. Sometimes I forget my pants, too.

Saturday night is LIT.
Also, I figure if I keep using the word “lit” in causal conversations and sprinkled on Instagram, everyone will decide to retire the word because apparently all the moms are saying it now. #publicservice

Hope you’re all having fun and getting a little wild this weekend.
#SunsOutBunsOut😉 📷: @karinakubista #kidsaretheworst

Swipe left for a typical evening at our house.

I love all my kids the same. But not at the same time.
I love @themotheroctopus the most, though. #kidsaretheworst

He really pushed himself with this one. 💩
Is he applying to art stool?
Solid attempt.
All artists must wash hands after creating. 💩
This artwork is actually a “3-headed snake” (OBVIOUSLY!) by the child of @queend.steele


I am feeeeeling this one right now.
From @thedad which makes me LOL on the reg. Am I a dad?? #kidsaretheworst

@ksujulie’s caption nails it, too. “The Cadillac of comfort.” Raise your hand if you’re wearing sweatpants RIGHT NOW! Because 🤚!! Do you follow @ksujulie yet? Get on that!! #CadillacofComfort #kidsaretheworst

Unless they’re your own kid, of course. And you’re holding their hand or giving them a hug or changing their diaper or something.

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