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Anna Macfarlane  It's ok to laugh. You were the worst once, too. Email for collaborations.

Honestly, a little of both. I am in the mood to PURGE! All the toys. All the extra clothes. All the decor I bought from 2000–2013. Maybe even some of 2014.
Follow @momtruthbomb if you want to throw the things out, too. @momtruthbomb is exactly what she says. Mom truth 💣 #kidsaretheworst

“Oh yeah? Well, that’s like, totally your opinion, man.” This account has been around for almost FOUR years now. And I LOVE that people get the joke. At first, I had a lot of comments that my hyperbolic statement that #kidsaretheworst was rude or mean. My kids threatened a couple times to start an account called #parentsaretheworst and I would say, “Cool. With what phone? And what time because you’ll be grounded. Also, you know I love the snot out of you and it’s a joke, right?” They get it. You get it. We all get it. Kids are rad. Kids are hilarious. Kids are bananas. Kids are amazing. Kids are exhausting. Kids are the sweetest. Kids are embarrassing. Kids are the freaking best. And yes, kids are the worst.
What is your favorite thing about this account? The videos? The drawings? The community? The Stories and Highlights? The other kids making messes? The snot (jk, I heard y’all loud and clear on that 🤣🤣)? The community? The giveaways I do twice a year? 😉🤣 LMK in the comments. I’d love to know what keeps you coming back to @kidsaretheworst 📷: @lyndsaytappert

SWIPE><><>< Some of your (and my) favorites from the dancing submissions in our Stories (and Highlights). Is there anything better on a Monday? No. There isn’t. More dancing, am I right? SWIPE

#kidsaretheworst 📹: @rachelhp @amandawaite @amberhholt @mrscoxen @jessicamking @angeelars @jeanne_thequeenie

Did you see the #FamilySocialGuide I created for YOU to talk to your kids about social media and smart devices? (Link in profile) 💻 📱
There is SO much out there that can be amazing online, but also a lot of scary things, too. Do your kids know that PRIVATE doesn’t mean SECRET? That everything they share is stored? What to do when they see something inappropriate, feel insecure, are being bullied online?
🤔 🤔🤔
This guide is designed for both parents and kids. It’s been great to review with my own kids every month and remind us all about smart online practices. ❤️❤️❤️
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin
Link in profile. 📷: @mGigger on Twitter

Explains the headache. 📷: @twocmama #kidsaretheworst

Weekend vibes.
This video makes me smile every single time I watch it. Some kids just got it.
Send me a video of your kid(s) dancing and I’ll post it in the Stories. (To send a video, send it as an attachment to your DM with the icon that looks like a mountain!) #kidsaretheworst #kidsdance

I’m thisclose to being 40 (in a few months) and I’m excited to see how many more naps I will take.
I’m telling you, @myquestionablelif is legit funny. Follow @myquestionablelif if Tylenol PM is bae. (Oy, I AM almost 40 with that bad reference)


WhataBooger! Double tap if your kid has ever had an impressive snot rocket. 🤢
(#PKCs #ImEating #WhyWouldntYouWipeItInsteadOfTakingAPic #MyKidWillNeverHaveSnot #MyChildHasNeverHadABooger) 📷: @nessiehurtado #kidsaretheworst

I mean, they might get a little bum rash once in a while, but #worthit.
#wipebetterkids #kidsaretheworst #marchmadness

Really? Ok, let me smell your breath. (And if I’m lucky, they say, “fine!” and go brush. But often I have to smell their stank breath and then say, “nope. Go brush.”) Anyone else? 🤚

What does your kid(s) lie about?
#mylyingliarchild #kidsaretheworst

Kids: keeping us humble since forever
#PaintMeLikeOneOfYourFriedGirls 📷: @rachelr2009 #kidsaretheworst

And as soon as I pick them up it’s all “can I watch Netflix and play on the Nintendo?” Dude. No.
But if you tell them to stick it out that will be the time they 🤮 all over the classroom. So I go, I go, I go.

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