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Anna Macfarlane  It's ok to laugh. You were the worst once, too. Get rad FIDGET SPINNERS:

This remains one of my favorite journal entries of all time. Because seriously, Snow White, mind your own.
#kidsaretheworst #SnowWhiteIsTheWorst

If the cuts don't break, it's still technically one piece.

Who me? Dramatic? Why, I never.

#JKIAlways #kidsaretheworst

Let me hear you say:
WE (we)
CAN (can)
DO (do)
THIS (wait, are you sure?) #kidsaretheworst

Excuse me, but I think I asked for the LARGE necklace.
#DontStrumThisGuitarTho 📷: @lovelottielots #kidsaretheworst

My older kids never beat me at games, because I never beat my dad. I wanted them to REALLY win and feel victory. My younger kids have an older, more tired mom so they win A LOT more. Life and games aren't fair, kids.
This gem has my husband and I literally LOLing from @mommydearestinc #kidsaretheworst

If I had a dollar for every time someone confused me for a swimsuit model... #IdBeRich #WellAsRichAsIAmNow #SoNotRichPerSe #YoureWelcomeMom #kidsaretheworst

So much.
Remember WAY BACK when we had to watch tv programs at specific times of the day?? How inconvenient that was. Thank you, Netflix.
#notsponsored duh, I wish. #netflix #kidsaretheworst

I'm still trying to figure it out, honestly.

Living at home is such a drag. (And shopping with Dad. And Mondays...) #RollinWithMyGroceries 🎥: @bridegreen #kidsaretheworst #AhhMomYoureJustJealousItsTheBeastieBoys

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