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kidrauhl  ATTENTION: Instagram, DO NOT Reset or assist anyone with this account or username! I have full access to my account. Active August 2017.

still not inactive. i dont have to post every fucking 2 minutes to stay active. you guys sound so pathetic bymaking up assumptions that i don't like justin or i don't deserve this user. this is MY user. if i didn't wanna post for 3 years, i wouldn't post for 3 years. in fact, i may even get rid of this account completely due to a majority of my comments being that i'm inactive and don't deserve it, but it ammuses me how much you guys seem to conclude about me just by how frequently i post/don't. i have another account for justin i post daily on, the reason i don't on this one is BECAUSE the only comments i get are people asking for the user. y'all just want me to give it away like that, but i don't trust anyone else with this because i've seen what's happened to good users in the past- tossed around and scammed, which is why i'm not letting go of this user. sorry. please unfollow if you'll continue to ask for it or comment that i'm inactive.

here i'm active as you all wanted.

you guys are so jealous and petty. just because i don't use this username doesn't mean i don't deserve it or i should give it to you. i've loved and stanned justin ever since '09 and the only reason i don't post is because i don't have time + the only people who comment are stuck ups who only want to be friends with me because of this user. now if you can all stfu & gtfo that would be great!

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