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Drew Mackie  I'm working hard to be half as interesting as my dog.

This is the promo art for the episode of The Simpsons we’re talking about this week on Gayest Episode Ever. (Link in bio.) Art like this got sent out to media in case they wanted to write about a given episode of a given show but generally wouldn’t have been seen by the general public unless your local paper would choose to run it. And whoever drew it would have known this but I like how he or she nonetheless did a good job with it and put in the extra touch of the triangle pattern in the background. Also when someone mentions John Waters, this is the version of him I picture in my head. #simpsons #gay #johnwaters

In my back garden I’ve grown a little monster alien baby who I will v. soon eat with garlic lemon aioli.

How great is this picture of me and Dan and Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey? (We were produce browsing.)

Dog Mustache (📷 and caption by @danothemanoh and also that is my new band name)

“I Washed My Dog and Now He’s Emo!” <— 90s talk show episode that should exist

I’ve put a lot of stuff online over the years but I think this is the first instance of it generating quality tribute art. Artist @jeff_hinchee_art made this about the gay TV podcast I’m doing with my roommate, @brosquartz. This was really cool. I appreciate the shout out. Also episode five, “Mary and Rhoda Meet a Homo” with special guest @thesampancake is up. Link in bio. Enjoy, please!

“Self Portrait”

An important public service announcement from my Easter dinner cookware.

I do not *only* post pictures of dogs, just *mostly* pictures of dogs.

Isle of Dogs (2018, dir. Wes Anderson)

Theory: I make video game music podcasts purely as a means to disseminate the kind of art I would have made as a kid, had I the means... or the guts to admit that I liked stuff that looked like 16-bit Lisa Frank. (New episode linked in bio, BTW.) #gaymer

Why would Ariel look like this WHAT IS WRONG WITH ARIEL

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