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💥🎧Kid Capri🎧💥  The Official ✅Instagram of Grammy award winning DJ/prod. Kid Capri!!! a NY legend 🎵 for booking Asti Mang. 2125296400 "TOP TIER" album coming soon!

When you call yourself a sucker, what do you need me to call you one for? The only way you call yourself a sucker is when you know your a real SUCKER!! Clown go join the circus and pass your radio job off, @djcamilo runs the city!!! YOU WANT TO BATTLE OR WHAT??? Sucker!! #junkmasterflex @funkflex #kingcapri #mreveryera #kidcapri Fuck around, i’m gonna go harder than pimpin curly!!! @50cent get the strap!!!! Lol 😂

I do THIS!!! No magic tricks!! #kidcapri @smokingshells

I produce my own beats, and play them on my own show on @siriusxmfly ch47 it’s going down right now!! And I’m dropping bombs!! #kidcapri

Super facts!!! @funkflex

On right now!!! @siriusxmfly AND I’M DROPPING BOMBS ON MY SHOW!!! BIG BULLY MIX @ 8pm EASTERN TONIGHT!!! #kidcapri

@funkflex Did You just say this is what a DJ look like that fell off??? Lolololol you big dummy!!!! I do 200 shows a year around the world, how many times your leave New York a year??? Your stuck!!!! Nobody needs you, Nice try, but no dice playboy!!! I don’t fall off, I create opportunities for others while you shit on little kids trying to make it!!! DO YOU WANT TO KEEP GOING? Or keep it DJ? Cause I got it all day!!!! #kidcapri

FLEX! You are lame, I SEE YOU PUTTING UP OUR TEXT CONVO ON SOME SNEAKY SHIT!!! Lolololol make sure you put up the whole convo, lolol lame!!!! Make sure You tell your radio fans that every time you got on stage after me, trying to do my fast changing records shit, YOU GOT BOOED!!!! MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT KID CAPRI TEXTED YOU LIKE A MAN TODAY AND YOU SAID THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO ME, YOU GOT A BIIIIIIIIG HEAD FLEX, AND NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING TO YOU, so go on your radio show and talk all the shit you want, BUT WHILE YOU TALK, LOOK AT MY TIMELINE!! Everybody knows you talk to much and you need your ass whipped on a stage in front of everybody!!!!!! So go ahead and talk your shit to your fans that don’t know any better, BUT THEY GON LEARN TODAY!!! and one more thing, DON’T TELL A LIE ABOUT ME AND I WONT TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU!!!! @funkflex solid!

Pick a fight with somebody that’s gonna fight back and stop shitting on the young kids!!! You said you don’t have to answer to me? now I’m gonna make you do it @funkflex

I want smoke with @funkflex

Congrats to my brother @officialbigdaddykane 30 years of greatness!!! Keep going legend! #kidcapri

Coming to shake #rockefellercenter New York!! Look at the ticket price,,,, #kidcapri

On my way cincinati!!!! #kidcapri

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