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Jason Adams

"You're so Haole you don't even know You're Haole"
Haole -
Haole (/ˈhaʊliː/; Hawaiian [ˈhɔule]) is a term used in the U.S. state of Hawaii to refer to individuals of European ancestry, in contrast to those of native Hawaiian ancestry and the other ethnicities that were brought in to work the plantations.

My friend @waywardnephew painted me this a while ago.,........ I don't get to see him enough! But I wanted to say thanx!!! It rules!! #highwaymen

Almost 17 years of being hitched and being parents...,,Let's get honest! it's a struggle a lot of the time but worth every minute. Love you @koko_78 thanx for putting up with all my 'isms' I know there are a lot of em!

@slappy_hour yesterday with @sidenckjr 30 years of lurking in parking lots!

In the now! @slappy_hour

At least I got a little chuckle out of all this fucking horse shit! Thanx @danaskew

Woody was the fucking man!!!

Shit you find in dark corners......... @blacklabelskates

Hey San Jose! Tonight @cinebarsj @foundation video premiere @deviumusa

@givemefreebeers always gets my hyped! I would give him free beer for sure! 🍻🍻🍻 stolen from @blood_wizard

This is sick! Thanx @chrispastras and @primedistribution the bowie bathroom is coming together!

@smellycurbzine posted this flick a couple weeks ago-ish. I had to screen shoot it and finally repost. Thanx for the time tunnel journey Donny! First Creature tour while in Columbs OH. Like 24 years ago. I was 20! And a total pile!! Haaaa! We were all hyped on buying bourbon and coke and gin and juice in cans and sneaking that shit into Applebee's or whatever crappy restaurant we were at!! So gross!! Oh ya!! Barker brought his portable PlaySchool turn table and we would listen to King Diamond and Kiss in the motel whilst drinking dog shit in cans!