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If the idea of self-promotion makes you feel a bit queasy, you’re not alone. @kjaller and @thecreativeindependent have put together a guide to thoughtful self-promotion, including advice on strategy and planning, creating a website, cultivating an email list, measuring success, and keeping yourself sane. Read it at 🌀 (Illustration and animation by @molly.fairhurst.)

"I started out making work because I wanted to have a nice desktop wallpaper for my computer. Weirdly, that’s still my measure now. I make things that I want to look at, that I want to live with, that I want to see every day." In @thecreativeindependent, artist Petra Cortright talks about sharing art on the internet, how she defines success and failure, and having the confidence to create anything you want. Read the interview at 📷: Lintillasniffer-FAT32crack-gluttonKayakingHOWTO.cnf by Petra Cortright (2016–2017), mixed media mounted to dibond aluminum, 36h x 70w in. Image courtesy of the artist, via The Creative Independent.

Explore the "dream and decay" of Japanese danchi—public housing apartments—through @cbje_tokyo's photo series, Danchi Dreams. Tokyo-based photographer Cody Ellingham became fascinated with these 1960s and '70s-era structures, built to represent "a vision of a bright new Japan," which are now "slowly being forgotten." Through his forthcoming photobook, he hopes to preserve the legacy of these structures. Support the project at the link in our bio.

For over a decade, artist Wes Modes (@wmodes) has been building watercraft and floating down major U.S. rivers, visiting small river communities and learning their histories along the way. "Visitors step onto the shantyboat [and] into another world where they can pick up the banjo or a book, sit awhile, and overhear stories of river people or share their own stories," he says. His next voyage: an epic journey to uncover forgotten stories on New York's Hudson River. Help make it happen at the link in our bio.

There's no place like the @amhistorymuseum. Dorothy's ruby slippers are returning to the museum in October, after more than 6,000 Kickstarter backers helped the @smithsonian restore and conserve these iconic artifacts from The Wizard of Oz in 2016.
Learn more about the project in the @washingtonpost's recent article:

@temastauffer's photographs explore the community, culture, landscape, and architecture of one of the oldest regions in the United States: Hudson, New York. Her new photobook, Upstate, will capture the area as it exists today, "while also recording the imprint of American industrial and agricultural history and shifting economic realities throughout this region," Stauffer says. "In many ways, the ups and downs of Hudson’s cultural and economic landscape reflect the experiences of industrial cities across America." Support the project at the link in our bio.

Mountains of Kong is a 3D photo book capturing a "phantom landscape." Photographer @jimnaughten's dreamlike stereoscopic images evoke the terrain, flora, and fauna of the Mountains of Kong, a nonexistent mountain range that appeared on maps of Africa from 1798 until the late 1880s. Despite their non-existence, 19th century explorers described this mountain range as "pink, snow-capped, flowing with gold, and teeming with strange exotic animals." See Naughten's vivid reimaginings of this fictional landscape and support the project at the link in our bio.

Dina Nur Satti (@nur_ceramics) began her ceramics practice as “a personal journey into the ceramics, culture, and rituals of the Sahara.” On Drip, Kickstarter's new tool for creators to fund and build community around their work, she gives subscribers a behind-the-scenes look at how her mugs, bowls, and vases are made, and sends them one-of-a-kind pieces. Support her work at — and follow @thisisdrip to see more from artists and creators on Drip.

"How do you teach someone how to make other people comfortable? How to allow people to be themselves?" On @thecreativeindependent, photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel discusses the skills required to document the interior lives of people you don’t know, and what can be learned from observing young people. Read the interview at

Photos from The Narcissism of Small Differences by Pauliana Valente Pimentel, courtesy of Fonseca Macedo Arte Contemporanea, via The Creative Independent.

What's your favorite ingredient? Food photographer Jessica LĂ©gitimus (@framedbyjess) has been posing that question to chefs and turning their replies into playful photographs. "Claudia is from Peru and lives and works in Paris; she picked inca berries (also known as physalis) as her favorite ingredient," Jessica writes of this image. Help turn the series into a book featuring 100 chefs (and 100 ingredients) at the link in our bio.

It's a jigsaw puzzle that doubles as a coaster. Or is it a coaster that doubles as a jigsaw puzzle?
Handmade by engineer, designer, and artist Nate Barr, these hand-assembled, mix-and-match wooden puzzle coasters let you rest your beverage on the friendly face of a sloth, llama, or toucan (and more). Support the project at the link in our bio.

Let this spiralling solar-powered sculpture soothe your soul this Monday morning (or any time you need a mesmerizing moment of Zen). 🌀
Learn more about the project at the link in our bio.

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