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Mandy Teefey  Become a trailblazer by virtue of being your genuine self.When being real is your priority it will reflect your true passion;friends fit your soul! XO

@franciaraisa @freeform #LifeSize2 Premiere!! AIRS December 2nd!!!

Thanksgiving classic for me! Watched it the other day. Amazing how small the world is!!! I wasn’t even working in the business when this came out and then to be privileged to work with this talent @derekluke years later!! Man has not aged! #derekluke #PiecesOfApril

The importance of the word “Thanksgiving” shouldn’t be a holiday. It should be two separate words we live by daily “Thanks” and “Giving”. Thankful for anything and everyone that is a ride or die person in your life. Give whatever you can because you are blessed to do so. True Story-I was asked by a man at a gas station for some money, as I walked around my car I gave him the only cash I had $3.00. He slapped me and called me a pretty vulgar name. He has been doing this around the valley so, they are looking for him. But, I’m not going to stop giving because evil can change your heart. Deaf on this thanksgiving because of a bad ear infection, but blessed it’s coming back. I learned a lot on both of those lessons. Pray for my friend who is in pain, but my family is not going to be together so he is not alone! GIVE LOVE EMBRACE. Food is good. But so is tomorrow’s food. XO Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

This is why we do what we do!!! @franciaraisa!!! Mendez Family we will honor our promise to your parents, family and our word on telling your truth. Big Thanks to all the support of my development team! Full article in bio! XO #MendezvsWestminster

Heart Broken for everyone affected in the fires. To all my loved ones, I am sending positive energy and love. Donate time. Donate necessities. Donate a $1. Donate a toothbrush. Whatever you have!!!! XO @lorivrisco and miss G so appreciated for helping me!!! Onward!

@weareseaforth opening for Kane Brown!!! Thanks for having them. You guys rock or is it country? Lol #msghulu #SonyFamilyBringingIt @lh7management Shout out to my new Buddy @jnote_ for pumping me up!!!

Good Morning, Home Sweet Home! “I’m going through changes!” NYC for the win every time. XO -A long time lovely friend reminded me Home is Texas. Texas is bigger then “Home” it’s my “Roots” that are planted in my heart. Texas will always be heart. Home is just current habitation for me! PA-Thanks for putting me in check! XO

So proud of @franciaraisa!!! Determined to use her platform to change our world for the better! Her inspirational speech is too long to post on Instagram, but it brought awareness to her civil rights being dismissed and Mendez vs Westminster! Bless her and The Mendez Family for their fight!!! This is not the last you will be hearing from either!! XO #MoreToCome!!!

You can find beauty anywhere. If the city and Mother Nature can make it work even in the darkest hours. So we can we. XO

Finally able to share with the world!! @lh7management @weareseaforth @swirls12 #NewMusicComing!!! XO Proud of you guys!! -Nelson.

WEEZER is my obsession, but sorry River, @stephaniehail my friend is way cooler!! Love you!! XO #IKnowPorkandBeansIsNotOnThe WhiteAlbum - that was me and @therealgrimmie jam!!! “I’m going to do the things I want to do, I ain’t got a thing to prove to you! Blue Album✔️White Album ✔️ Green and Red, I’m coming for you!!!

@katherinelangford Congrats!! Also Congrats to WME and Brillstein!!! Work that Marvel Franchise girl!!! Well deserved!!! XO

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