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Mandy Teefey 

Good Morning World....My face after I made a very important decision, made it official without thinking it through and realized you can’t reverse your judgement after you the hit the podium so hard with pure confidence that the entire financial district heard it! So, I ran quickly before they could catch me!!! XO check your stocks today... :/

The unbelievable and extremely thoughtful photographer Noam Galai worked with @lh7management and @therealgrimmie at the very beginning of her career. This beautiful man was one of the photographers at an event I spoke at and he handed me a fed ex envelope right before I was to be interviewed. He took the time out of his life to develop several photos of Christina and said he knew we would want these. I almost lost it. Not only because it was Christina, but because of the heart Noam had for me. I don’t know you very well, Noam or if I will ever come across you again. But, you are in my heart forever. XO

Thanks @NEWSWEEK for a wonderful discussion with some amazing young women about the social issues in our world. If you ladies are the majority of our future leaders, I am beyond excited for our future!!! @dory_jackson @alexiswierenga @jlynnduram !!! And no, this is not a posed picture, I’m just that damn funny!!! 🎟 for my next stand up routine!! Lol

AOL BUILD-Coming up in 5 min!! Live on my Instagram Story...perfect way to end a long day of press. I will post Newsweek after we wrap this jam fest!!! XO Check it out!!!

3/4 of the crew...

Thanks Peeps Live...get it, “People” live!!! Lame I know!!! Bad joke. Thank you for having me, I had a blast, you two were so much fun. Heading to Cheddar Live @ NYSE 🧀🧀🤑👑

Thank you NBC NEWS - THINK for having me in the studio. We want to push the conversation forward, not simply add to the noise. If you have an argument or perspective to share, please check out THINK on and let us know your thoughts. #NBC #Kickedtothecurbproductions #TimeforChange XO

Visiting my girl at The @taylorstrecker this morning!!!! Check out her website. Side Note: Tay Tay we close and I’m pretty chill, if I knew it was a cleavage party, I missed the memo!!! 💥 You look fire!!!

No SHAME in the Shoulder Pad Game!!! #NYC HA!!!

I can’t believe it’s been two years! You are missed like it was yesterday and loved forever the same. We love you! I’m in NY right now, where we spent our last week together!!! Good times!!! XOXO #grimmster

Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. Both full of light for the world, but lived a darkness inside. PLEASE know you are loved. Suicide has rose 30% since 1999. 45,000 losses a year.

The good ole days! @selenagomez got her first flip cam and recorded everything. I was extremely sick, on DayQuil and we had been at the airport since 6am. 2008.

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