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We're starting something new. This account is now the home of The Kick Darkness Project #kickdarkness.
Kick darkness aims to create chain of good deeds passed on from friend to friend. They hope that people will act to better their community; these acts may include donating to charity, voluneering or simply making a human connection with somebody who needs it.
We were inspired by the viral success of this summer's Ice Bucket challenge which saw millions of participants across the globe generating donations and awareness for ALS
We hope to Crowdsource Kindness; to generate motivation within our fans and followers to act independently to bring positive energy into your communities.

This woman is amazing. She is a bit disabled, but that doesn't stop her from going out into the world and being a part of it. Unfortunately she can't work, but I'm so happy to give her whatever money I can to help her along. #kickDarkness

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