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grace & sarah 🥀  。Put that slime in the traaaash 🗑 。NEXT RESTOCK: August ❤️ 。Spam: @kickassspams 。SOLD OUT

Again sorry for the horrible lighting 😭 this slime is a chocolate banana scented white-glue floam! With big white beads, small yellow beads, fake chocolate sprinkles, and POMS POMS!! 💛 Our last #slimerodeo exclusive

Sorry for the horrible lighting 😬 but hopefully you can see the slime! This is a blue raspberry jolly rancher scented snow-fizz slime! Super sizzly, brightly coloured, subtlety swirled with two different shades of blue, and it’s a #slimerodeo EXCLUSIVE!!! 💙

HERE IS OUR @SLIMERODEO SLIME SELECTION!!! Videos of jolly times and dallas-cious will be posted this week ❤️ also, please note: most of the slimes were packed last week and shipped over to Dallas so they may be sticky by the time you buy them! But all purchases will come with a baggy of borax :-)
We will also be selling merch and giving away free wristband bracelets and candy !! So be sure to stop by our booth even if it’s just to say hi ☺️

This is the party half of our new slime Business in the Front Party in the Back! Wait til you guys see the actual slime! it’s so cute :-) and it’s scented with a mixture of 6 different scents and the only way I can describe the scent is “mixed candy” & it smells so good!! Will be sold at @slimerodeo 🤠

@SLIMERODEO IS ONLY ONE WEEK AWAYYY!!! We’re so excited ❤️ are you?
Don’t forget to come pick up your wristbands & tickets the day before to skip the line :-)

Pancake Tears 🥞💦 From @milkbunslime
Love this slime smmmm turn the volume up to get the most out of those sizzles 😍

Tropical Sorbet 🏝 🍨 🍍
Yes she will be sold at @slimerodeo! We also have 2 more Slime Rodeo exclusives coming your way!! Who’s excited 🌟

Sparkly jelly cube slime that smells EXACTLY like lemon starburst 🤤 Which starburst colour is your fave? It’s a tough choice between pink and yellow but I’m gonna have to go with pink

SLIME RODEO EXCLUSIVE! Pure daiso clay centre, surrounded with a glitter packed glossy slime that you get to mix in yourself! Scented like salted caramel 😍

This is from a batch of floam I made for fun during our last restock and big orders got a 2 oz of this 💛 it’s super sparkly and candy scented!
Anyone have any exciting plans for the rest of summer! We are going to @slimerodeo and it’s so close !! can’t wait ❤️

Dolla’ Snax from @milkbunslime 🧀🥜🍎 I love this slime! The glossy base, the pom poms, the scent.. It’s amazing 😫
Do you guys watch slime videos all the way through? I would say I watch likeee 80% of them all the way

Still don’t get why you guys love this slime sm and treat her like she’s the goddess who rules all our other slimes but here she is! Frozen Watermelon 🍉❤️

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