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grace & sarah 🥀  。put that slime in the traaaash 🗑 。restocks are random & announced 1 day in advance 。spam: @kickassspams 。SOLD OUT

anyone miss our old set up ? ft. champagne fizz

what are your favourite TV shows?

FROSÉ 🍸🌹it's a bit messy in the beginning but i love the result!
try and make us laugh in the comments :-)

pink lemonade fishbowl from @mintyslimey
what are you guys up to today? my day is super chill, feels like the first day in a while that i'm not busy. just gotta finish up packing

WARNING ⚠️ loud bubble pops !!!! calling this sugar cookie icing because it looks like icing but it's sugar cookie scented

trade with @mintyslimey !! Emily is so sweet & when she asked to trade we were so exciteddd 💜 all the slimes smell really good & have gr8 textures, and isn't the card she drew for us just amazing ? individual videos of all the slimes will be posted eventually

Apple Cider Cream :-) scented like warm apple cider (edit: cold apple cider just smells like apple juice ??????)

GRAPE CREAM SODA 🍇🍬 the purple part is scented grape soda and the pink part is scented cream soda and when they're mixed it smells amazing. it will come unmixed :-)

lavender vanilla milk <3 scented like the name (smells like lavender earl grey tbh) & has a glossy and thick texture

streeberri meelkshek sliem

fruity pebbles floam from @snoopslimes ! someone's car alarm went off part way through so i closed the door and it got quieter ? sorry if that bothers you

#manslimemonday featuring our Drake floam (aka passionfruit floam) and my boyfriend lol he's very aggressive i know :') the floam is passionfruit scented (it smells so good ahh)
creator of man slime monday: @slimey_pickle
inspo: @slime_og

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