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grace & sarah πŸ₯€  。put that slime in the traaaash πŸ—‘ 。restocks are random & announced 1 day in advance 。spam: @kickassspams 。recipes: #kickasstutorials

(sped up) TRADE WITH THE AMAZING @slime_og FIRST OFF, BEFORE WE GET HATE LET ME JUST SAY THAT I HAD NO IDEA CHRISTINE WAS GOING TO SEND SO MUCH STUFF :( CANADA POST HAS A WEIGHT LIMIT ON SHIPMENTS TO THE USA SO I WASN'T ABLE TO SEND MORE (i actually went over the limit a bit but they didnt notice lol) BUT I STILL FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW MUCH STUFF SHE SENT ME!! I'm definitely going to be sending her another package soon with as much stuff as I can fit πŸ’œ she's such a generous soul I LOVE YOU @slime_og videos of each slime coming soon

uh hi I'm really good at procrastinating so here's another video. This is @theslimehive's Gummy Bear slime 🍬 ITS SO CLEAR and beautiful I LOVE IT go follow her now if ya arent alrdy

GUYS. GUYYYYS. this smells amazing 😫 IT'S NOT MY SLIME. IT'S @theslimehive's peanut butter choco chip cookie dough from our trade and it smells like reeses peanut butter cups πŸͺ also look at the texture LOOK

I know we said we were not gonna post for a bit but we keep receiving stuff in the mail so I have to ok

TRADE WITH @theslimehive (please do not ask to trade)
I LOVE AMANDA πŸ’œ she's so generous & she has such cute & creative videos. She originally bought our buttered popcorn slime during a restock & i was a little offended like um how dare you buy my slimes? So I asked her to trade instead and she said yesss !! Thank you so much @theslimehive WE LOVE EVERYTHING! YOUR SLIMES ARE AMAZING and i'll be posting individual videos of the slimes later.
-Makeup: mascara, lipstick, highlighter
-Foam balls: orange, yellow, blue
-Charms: jelly bean, ballerina shoes, apple slices, cake
-White daiso soft clay
-8oz Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough slime (smells exactly like peanut butter omg)
-Buttered popcorn scent
-Planet putty
-Candy: popping candy, spongebob gummies
-2 oz Cosmic Brownie slime (smells like chocolate its amazing)
-4 oz Sour Watermelon butter slime
-8 oz Gummy bear clear slime
-2 facemasks

Still overwhelmed by how much she sent 😭 Wayyy more than we sent her & I feel so bad. Thank you so much!!

spring rose πŸ’
EDIT: those coming from @slime_og 's story, yes i sent her some unlubed condoms that i knew would be just the right size for her and her bf ;)

REVIEW FOR @slimeyjazz (fc: 4040)

1 - Packaging & extras: 10/10 - super cute, secure, and professional packaging, came in a box, lots of extras, borax

2 - Green butter slime: 9.5/10 - soft, stretchy, love the pastel colour, spreads very well, i wish it was scented
3 - Yellow butter slime: 9.5/10 - same as above! except this one made crackling noises which was amazing
4 - Grapefruit Thai slime: 10/10 - sooo glossy and clicky, and i loooooove the colour! pleasant smell, very stretchy

5 - Party Floam: 9/10 - super cute and pretty, lacked crunch so i added the foam balls provided and it was a bit better, was a little watery/jiggly in my opinion but it was still stretchy

Overall: 9.5/10 - THANK YOU FOR SENDING SLIME! the packaging was sooo perfect i wanted to cry when i saw it! go follow & buy from them, they're super sweet!
These are my personal, honest opinions. You do not have to agree with me.

REVIEW FOR @cinnamon.slim3 (fc: 200)

Packaging: 9/10 - came from Hong Kong in a poly mailer with bubblewrap, borax. nothing leaked. i would recommend finding containers that are more ambiguous because i think it looks more professional!

Peach marshmallow: 10/10 - smells soooo good, fluffy, pretty colour, love the texture

Blue bubblegum: 9/10 - light soapy scent, love the colour, lacks stretch a little bit (lotion would help), BUT DID YOU HEAR THOSE BUBBLES omg
Overall: 9/10 - THANK YOU FOR SENDING US SLIME!! i was very impressed! their slimes are really fun to play with :) (also thanks for the bubblewrap. pop pop pop) go follow and buy from them
These are my personal, honest opinions. You do not have to agree with me.

WATERMELON SORBET πŸ‰ watermelon scented & has a thicc and soft texture!

floam mixing :-) decided to name it RAINBOW CANDY HAZE didn't use anyone's suggestions sorry.

mermaid scales πŸ’™ i filmed this twice and the second time was sooo much better but i accidentally deleted it so i guess you'll just have to try to enjoy this video lol

berry banana smoothie part 3/3 -- sorry the creaking kinda ruined the soft crunch :( but i lovvvve the result! the butter slimes that mixed in gives it such a nice texture.

berry banana smoothie part 2/3 + bubble popping!

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