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  Vibranttttt 💛

Sometimes I look good :)

Light eyes, dark hair 🔥

I felt cute :)

Short hair, don't care. :)

Letter to my twin:
Hey sis.. well listen closely.. you're growing up && it's just amazing how the seed that you once were evolved into this beautiful rose.. it doesn't matter that you're my little sister because as you're big sis I look up to you too.. I don't want you to be like me .. AT ALL .. Kiara I want you to be better than me.. and I know you can.. it makes me cry, sometimes I try to block all the complicated situations that life hits you with just because I don't want you to face them.. because when I see you broken it tears me apart.. you mean the world to me.. You ARE my other half && without you I'm just a half a heart .. and I can't live with just a half a heart. ❤️ I love you , you are my everything. Your sister @tiana.rivera !!

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