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Kisses 😘



Messy hair :(

Unplug. That was my plan. To unplug from social media for a bit and focus on what really matters... me, my family, & my happiness. It wasn't for long but I wanted to see how I would feel without checking my phone every second to see what was posted or said. Now, even though it lasted four days, I learned a lot in those four days. And here is my lesson to all. Disconnect from the cyber life for a bit and create a stronger connection with your family. Technology is great and can do many great things but do not let it distract you from what matters most... love & happiness. Just being with my family and enjoying their company made me realize that that was just what I needed. Also, I began to get into photography. Capturing the beautiful moments in life that I never want to forget. The things that I stated are the things that truly matter in life. Not hundreds of likes. Not hundreds of comments. It is completely fine to want to share your memories and treasures with the world but make sure that you truly cherish them in reality. But the most important things in life are a healthy family relationship and a healthy relationship with yourself. #unplug

P.s. Yes, that is my photo that I took. Thinking about make a photography page but that is on debate. ❀

might delete idk.


Best picture I ever took.🀘🏼

Letter to my twin:
Hey sis.. well listen closely.. you're growing up && it's just amazing how the seed that you once were evolved into this beautiful rose.. it doesn't matter that you're my little sister because as you're big sis I look up to you too.. I don't want you to be like me .. AT ALL .. Kiara I want you to be better than me.. and I know you can.. it makes me cry, sometimes I try to block all the complicated situations that life hits you with just because I don't want you to face them.. because when I see you broken it tears me apart.. you mean the world to me.. You ARE my other half && without you I'm just a half a heart .. and I can't live with just a half a heart. ❀️ I love you , you are my everything. Your sister @tiana.rivera !!

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