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KhrystyAna  +model | love advocate #theREALcatwalk founder 🗽@one.1models 🇩🇪 @modelwerk ACT: @innovativeartists MTHR: @nomadmgmt CLLB:

Practicing for an audition .... hashtag “what our jobs make us do” 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️#modelonduty #running #runnergirl #whynot #ilike ..... p.s at school I preferred running to playing volleyball and other sports games because running didn’t require hanging out with my classmates (whom I had extremely hard times connecting with) ... gheeeee I was really anti-social. Now I’m kind all about group exercise classes

SELF LOVE is not luxury
Self love is NECESSITY .
Self love is PRIORITY.
Self love is a fundamental right.
Sure, we throw the word love around like party glitter, without truly diving into the depths of her meaning. “Omg I love you so much! “
“Awee..I’m gonna buy this cute dress I’m in love with because I love myself !“
Love .. It’s not really about buying yourself a brand new instagramable look.
Love is not about PAYING money, but about PAYING attention to the very you behind those clever thoughts ;
Love is about getting to know what’s safe for you, even when your world is telling you to act in a different way, to follow somebody’s pattern. You already know what’s safer. Just listen.
Love is about deeply nourishing your heart, understanding its needs vs wants.
Dive deeper when you chase the tail of your own breath as it washes your body with acceptance. You belong right here. Love is your home, right now. Not a goal. Not a destination. - love, Khrys #selflove#acceptance#selfcare

Stairways to heaven... in my case though. Probably to hell 👺👺👺👺 by @victoriajanashviliphoto wearing @dairdesign from @flyingsolonyc p.s is this fashion high enough? Hahahahaha

#nypd didn’t mind .. until they did 🙄😧😬😬😬 #waitforit .. video by @victoriajanashviliphoto wearing @flyingsolonyc @dairdesign @co.mode_official

“ SUPERNATURAL “ Being clothed doesn’t mean we can’t speak about body image... can we? today I want to address EVIDENCE of the time we spend with our bodies : marks on our skin, foot steps of interesting adventures... all of that. It’s ok if one wants to “get rid of” the evidence.. “leave me dots, leave me wrinkles, leave me stretch marks, roots or scars ”... but it’s also ok to REALLY like it, enjoying all of the evidences On I recently had a conversation with a girl who judged me for coloring my hair “but this isn’t natural for humans to do!” She passionately expressed.... well. I could have given her instantly 100 more “unnatural” examples i do daily including wearing shoes, taking subways, sleeping on beds etc, brushing my hair... if we want to be as annoying as possible. We can wring anything and anyone dismissing our double standards... BUT blinking and yawning is although natural but not loads of other things. Experiencing LIFE is so personal. Why do we get so caught up thinking that WE know life enough to tell others forcefully how to love it ? I don’t know if anyone knows anything. not my brain for sure. I got a feeling though that the evidence can tell me things , my body knows what’s good for ME as long as i listen to it. Watch the evidence, see how your body reacts to this super natural world that we are so addicted to... it’s so Unnatural to communicate the way you and I do, using our devices BUT we do.. we Are evolved! Billions of unique paths, all worthy, so authentic ! We don’t have to be like anyone else unless we wanna! Yes no? —- writing this casually glimpsing at my scars on the left arm.. My DEAR body, you are awesome. Thank you for letting me use you , and thank you for letting me love you! Lets have many more evidences of this relationship .. many many more .... - khrystyana / #dearbody#selflove#selflovequotes#writing#nyc#ootd photo by @curvily

— NO SUCH THING AS BAD LIGHT—-These two images might look the same to some people. Same poses, same bikini. But there is one core difference that makes them look also different : the light. One isn’t more “flattering” or more “real” than the other! Both are real and both are flattering, why? Because of the light .. ANY LIGHT that shines upon your beautiful skin, hugs you so gently, so loyally, so embracingly is to ONLY celebrate your very authentic Being! #aeriereal#aerieswim

@papermagazine ’s Fat And All That is a new weekly column by Editorial Director Mickey Boardman (@askmrmickey ) in which he discusses his lifelong battle with weight issues and society's views on overweight people. He'll discuss fat-shaming, body positivity and everything in-between, while also taking us on his current journey to get healthy and find the ideal weight for himself. —- Mickey and I sat down at the B bar to chat about some small yet still pressures within online community and some realness came out when he asked me about one of my recent posts about looking curvier or less curvy by posing and how it affects my Instagram Fam ... Mickey : “Khrystyana knows first-hand how followers can turn. "If you 'disappoint' somebody with simply not being who they want you to be, you could be discarded in no time," she tells me. "Any time I look thicker, I get the most amazing support, especially on Instagram. The second I look more like a traditional sized model, I get less love. I lose followers. I get called out for 'not being fat enough' or 'not being body positive anymore.'" She struggles under the pressure of being a body positivity activist. "I sometimes feel guilty for posting images I look thinner in, because it will make somebody feel upset, knowing that they never actually liked me, they only liked one aspect of me or one specific idea of me," she says. "It's hard, because at the end of the day, I want people to feel good about themselves, yet I also need to feel good about myself."... it was a heart to heart talk . Not a real problem but something I have noticed over the past couple of years - link on Mickey’s bio — xoxo love you very much —- photo @ryanmichaelkelly mua @davidrazzano hair @mrredbeard SCREEN SHOtS of Mickey’s words from his article followed by Words from Cece Olisa #realtalk#paper#interview#curves#selflove#bodyimage#comminity#selflove

Im not ready for summer yet ... I like layering my clothes way too much and we only had a week of proper spring layering in New York .... #newyorker wearing the brands are @alexandra.fuks @gcdswear, @ammomentworld of and @windsorsmith #todayiwore#currentlywearing#ootd#outfits#outfitinspiration#corset#boots#springwear#coollook#outfitideas

Today I googled “Thighbrow” and got this via urban dictionary: “Thighbrow
The line on the top of your thigh that appears when you sit, kneel, or bend forward and the flesh from your booty rolls on top of your thigh... —“ you know what I really enjoy? - Is that we, the people, are in charge of what goes out to this very popular dictionary. We write and we define. It is refreshing to see that anyone, regardless of their identity, status, story (unlike moooost books/paper from the past ) can write freely and their words to be visible to all ! I am happy today and celebrating all those who WRITE , those who speak up against the habitual are HEROES/ SHEROES/ THEYROES of the present !!!! I BOW before you ( aka “bend forward and the flesh from my booty rolls on top of my thigh —“ 🍾🍾🍾🍾😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😉😉😉😉 — love you , Khrystyana photo @heyjoegray #shero#hero#theyro is YOU #empowerment#speakup#wethepeople#loveeachother#oneworld in @maison_close hairstyle @kelseyadamshair #onset#setlife#bodysuit#filmphotography

More corners of life expressed through the eyes of the master @toddhido_ ..... “khrystyana, but you’re always so positive” comments will probably change from now on ( hehehe) Not always positive, in fact often pretty darn grumpy .. but I learned to celebrate the range, the layered cake of emotions, the full experience of being a human... from bubbly “love you all!” to angry “fuck YoU cunts” (sorry?): all life is beautiful . All life is to be lived to her fullest, at her pace , with her authentic flavors . From “this is the end.. and i can’t take it anymore ” moments to euphorias of new beginnings.. ALL expressions of living is a beauty and love. .. even when we cease to see... even then. How much is one person packed with their various gardens of selves, fruitful feelings, melodies of unique ways of beings .... rich .. rich , muddy, delicious. ... People. Mmmmm #art#moody#toddhido#artistsoninstagram#emotions#artsy#human#loveeachother#selflove p.s the first and second photo In my head/heart I was going through a kind of.. “crucification” as if punishing self “I shouldn’t have said that / done this “ and theses poses merged with what I felt ...

PART II: More from @toddhido_ ... Some of these photos might awoke the feelings of discomfort, disgust, pain, anger.. whatever it is : all if it is valid and i love you regardless . I don’t expect anyone to understand the therapeutic/emotional journeys Todd and I went on, exploring humanity at her darkest, most mysterious, yet so alive. I’m ready to share it all, as I grow and let go of things I used to hold onto. Thank you for appreciating the art and heart behind these .. and more , so many more to come this week.... - k - #filmphotography#art#toddhido#artistsoninstagram#mood#emotional#beinghuman

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