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Women's bodies have been subjected to all sorts of judgements over the centuries, and many of us work really hard to undo these harsh realities. I feel that many men are under the similar pressures that women face when it comes to their looks. The difference is they don't have the support that women have for each other. It's an overlooked issue in the man's 'community'. THESE two incredibly attractive men in my photo are showing off their beautiful bodies, being super comfortable with themselves, and inspiring all of us to be confident in our bodies.
Body positivity is NOT one GENDER focused, NOR is it weight, height, or shape-specific. BODY POSITIVITY is for EVERYONE! Let's welcome and celebrate our fellow men!!! Everyone IS beautiful!!! Tall, short, long or short hair, no hair, tattoos, physical disabilities, scars, wrinkles,rolls, bellies, flat stomachs, bones showing, cellulite (yes sexy boys have cellulite too!!!!) etc etc etc. - ALL beauties!!!! --- photo by @melinadeya male models @luchastudiomiami @juanditobandito mua @vlefay #malemode#allBodiesAreGoodBodies

This is a lingerie fashion pose commonly accepted among Straight size models and not commonly accepted amongst the Curve models. "Make sure you suck that in" especially when shooting lingerie I heard so so many times... Oh well, let's revise the beauty standards ONE belly at a time. Most Women wear lingerie and WE know how to wear it. NO, we certainly don't always suck it in. And we are BEAuTIFUL when we do or when we don't! Right? Shot by @duyschmoo @thaofromtheinternet makeup @amandathesenbeauty wearing @thistleandspire #allBodiesAreGoodBodies

When we see rolls on cats or babies or adult humans , st what point does the thought of cute chub of a healthy adorableness turn into unattractive get-out-my-sight scarecrow? What turns on this mass mental obsessive looks focused disorder? I meet way too many UNDER 13 year olds who are already trying to look thin, and follow so many diets and call out others negatively on being other than that 'mystical perfection' they already got sold in their heads. What happened to us? Who's fault is this? Last thing you want to see up close is a 12 year old with a custom made waist trainer... May your hearts be broken if you see, but I dare you to wake up and do everything you can to revise cruel beauty standards. Our lives are not meant to live in a self hating rally, but the opposite. We are meant to be born so we can LIVE in THESE bodies, so we can LOVE ourselves and others. I used to passionately hate all of me for too too long as a kid and a teen and in adulthood, don't waste your time doing the same please .. please. Wake up and help others to do the same. You are really damn beautiful, I swear to God.
if I see it in you, you better see it too (daily)
-- Khrystyana and Mr. Cute chunk of healthy adorableness @_bertopia_ photo by @duyschmoo and @thaofromtheinternet #allBodiesAreGoodBodies

Until the time distracted from existence, until no mores and no befores... I'll wait for you. Shot by @erica_shires and @jbco33 #portrait

No other day is better for self loving than today. Haters can wait, those are just nasty voices completely worthless voices. The voice that matters knows the truest of truths - you are one unique flower of energies, beautiful, stunning, so strong, so so deliciously yourself! Own it! Haters can wait. Photo by @victoriajanashviliphoto for @chic_cartel mua @veronicaxyz lingerie @whiterabbit_ny

my body goes back and forth between sizes. I don't weight myself anymore, so I don't really notice when I lose or gain these days. Last night I met with a good friend of mine and somehow the conversation got to "do my legs look skinnier?" And him responding "yes, they look BETTER" ....... NOW. I know how we react to this. Right??????(Did he not!!??) We all know thicker or skinnier isn't better or worse, obviously. But we just see how deeply rooted the marketing got to us. My friend wasn't thinking at all, he knows I'm a Body Posi activist, his answer was just a quick response.. How a LOT of us are - we answer habitually. The main question is how do we unchange the Mass Psychology, and media bias? There is so much obsession over looks that those aren't obsessed (like my friend actually) who got affected and react as if they are. How do we educate ourselves that bodies are bodies, that they are better NOW only because they are living, that yesterdays and tomorrows are just plots and myths in our heads, majority likes to live in those myths abandoning reality all together.... how do we live awake and change the majority? To be able to answer simple questions truly "do my legs look skinnier?" -- "yes they do" and that's all to it ... Tell me. ----- khrystyana photo by @john___ellis

@rue107 swimwear by @john___ellis

New Poem. Dedicated to all, who rediscovered their voices. May you speak up, for that voice matters truly : "Voice"
You woke me up.
My voice was whisper then.
I see now sharp,
And chaos feels so zen.
You did.
So I thank you.
For bringing this to life.
Inhales all new.
Into this sense I dive.
You did.
I sing this song
With chest facing the sun.
Heart wide and long.
My life has just begun.
You did.
You do.
You did.
You do. ---- KhrystyAna photo by @rauljalube

My sweet, my generously loving, New York! I'm back into your warm summer arms. Yours faithfully, KhrystyAna xoxo for @chic_cartel by @victoriajanashviliphoto wearing @tartcollections hate @kirrinfinch shirt makeup @veronicaxyz

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