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So I’m being picked on a lot especially in the last few months by my online friends “oh my, you gained more weight!” Or “oh my, you lost more weight”, “what are you really? straight or Curve ?” ..And often I get these opposing comments about photos that were taken on the same day. I listen to my followers and love a good reality check .While my measurements remain the same, let me tell you what’s different. Different Poses, makeup, clothes make you look all kinds of new cool ways. I’m a self trained “liar” who is also owning her “lies” and very open about honestly talking about them. Reasons in the beginning were simple- I’m stuck in the middle in modeling: not a straight size model and barely a plus, usually curvy models have a higher chance of getting booked at a size US 14/16.. even 12 but def not 10 (rarely!!) So. I decided (awhile back) that to survive and pay rent I had to allow myself to explore the poses that can help me play sort of curvier or thinner for clients. Which also pushed me to be fully confident in really any pose - any pose is a great pose unlike i used to think “pose thinner, suck it in!!!”. Now seeing ya’ll mega obsessed with Instagram models who only play ONE side, before getting all upset that you don’t look like that person. Think again. Perhaps it’s the poses the you like, not knowing their actual bodies / what they really look like . Perhaps it’s their filters, makeup, clothes you like...Reality check is always nice. Fantasy land can be sweet too. As long as we don’t get lost in that fantasy! Ok? —— your honest liar, Khrystyana xoxo photos taken by my friend @maggiekeatingphotography (thank you!!!) #bodylove #bodyacceptance #bodypositive #liar #ownyourstory #poses #bodyconfidence #selflove #curves #loveyourbody p. S also camera angles : I asked Maggie to shoot from above to make me look slimmer and to go much lower to make me look curvier .. straight on shots were shot from a belly button height of the camera 🎥:D

#therealcatwalk happened! AGAIN! Louder and stronger is our self celebration ! Despite everything we are taught about how to feel/act while Being and experiencing in these bodies - we heard them but we didn’t listen! No, we aren’t on your go to e-com websites, and not the faces of your favorite cosmetics lines, we aren’t even trying to sell you anything! We are PEOPLE , we are your friends and family. We are People that cherish you. That live with you, that shop, walk, take train, eat sandwiches right next you ! We in fact, have been buying the same standards of “beauty” that we were sold. Yet we are no loner hypnotized by one way of living! Fantasy may remain in the fantasy land. We are real people, living real lives, we are feeling ourselves, we are breathing this air and we enjoy every single minute of it. Because these bodies are ours, and we are going to stick to them as they stick to us and we are showing you that it’s Perfectly beautiful to celebrate yourselves ... even if your commercial break is begging you to stop! You are too awake now and you can’t go back to uNseeing your beauty , you self loving angels!!!!!! I love you so much !!! And thank you all for every single encouraging word said to our models !!! It took courage to walk the real catwalk for them and i can’t be more proud for all of us to have come so far towards this equal world —— yours, KhrystyAna .. filmed by @bbcnews @bbc special thanks to Becky @sloppy_spice from @antidietriotclub for bringing media to our show and walking with us !!!!! #realdiversity #diversity #inclusivity #selflove #rolemodels #bodypositive (no sound due to website restrictions) —- p. S if I had to add anything to above written IN the video: there were women and men , we also had 3 non binary people participate :)))) one of them was a photographer and 2 were models that walked the show so...

BEHIND THE PRE-REAL CATWALK (and it’s -115 diverse models strut ).. “Pick a side” they say “You have to fight for this OR for that!” They say “NOT for this AND for that “.. because “ one excludes another”... Pick a size to fight for, pick one gender to fight for, pick one cause to fight for, pick one age to fight for... pick a fight (they say) pick ONE fight!
BUT what if. What if I’m NOT at all fighting? What IF exclusion terrifies me for I feel every single note and tone of loneliness and aloneness? Of exclusion and abandonment? What if all I seek is Peace? Acceptance? Love ? “You are NOT body Positive” they say “Your message is too complex” they say
“You can’t celebrate all life” they say .. “Pick a side ! Pick ONE side” “Too overwhelming” they say “ we are just-getting used to accepting this shape of beauty and this one tone of beauty! Aren’t you satisfied? You should be happy we are publicly learning to accept these few types of people “ they say.
As if I’m not? As if I’m not happy for your celebration of beauty. I’m not against your specific standards! I’m only reminding you to not unsee the hundreds of other versions of beauty. Alive and anxious beauty, beauty of change and exploring , expressing genders and love , beauty of heights, beauty of unseeing, beauty of rolling instead of walking, beauty of breathing with help, beauty of pre arriving into life, beauty of aging, beauty of experiencing burns, inner or outer, beauty of surviving cancer, beauty living through lupus..or other health interactions .. BUT confidently, unashamed, REAL.. despite your uNseeing and unCELEBRATING it. Even the beauty of unaccepting my PEACE for REALLY expanding tiny little boxes of standards of “perfect” life. I’m not fighting .. I’m PEACING . I’m peacing. - khrystyana #therealcatwalk ( first photo @sophiemegandavis rest )

#therealcatwalk by @kalamjackson ( pleas help me TAG the models by typing In CAPITAL : TAG @ friend /me + Photo Number 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋💋) #bodypositive #diversity

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I’m so so soooooo proud of us and still haven’t had a chance to recover from the past 2 weeks, no sleep, prepping , creating a vision and finally you all brought it to life . I feel like I need to list every single being that helped this event happen !!! @racheloflondon (what would I do without you?????) @delesha_ (especially in early stages ) @antidietriotclub @rodneypedroza (bringing so much on the day of !! So many more people ..... And @emma_seymour w @gr8blokesj with Rachel (my roommates) whose passionate conversation about equality , actual diversity and representation inspired to put bring the real catwalk back and they way i knew felt right ... i wanted REAL diversity ..I’ve been brewing it for a long time and didn’t know when would the perfect time be... but there can never be “perfect time” to be a pro love activist .. ITS TIME! It’s been and it always is IS and there is no better time to express love for ALL humanity than NOW!!!!! - #onelove #oneworld !!!! Call me a lunatic !!! But i believe in worldwide love and acceptance ‘and that it CAN happen if only all of us chose compassion !!!! - this was filmed for London Live (I think ) — on vidoe @roidmj @theonearmedwonder @fatstimbo @toughcookietee

#therealcatwalk by @alejandrabela ( please type Capital TAG + Photo number and your @ to be tagged or to take your friend if I missed you somehow - sowwiiiieee ) #bodypositive p.s uploading the actual Real Catwalk On my IGTV for everyone to enjoy !!!!

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#therealcatwalk by @laynamiyazaki ( for me to tag everyone who isn’t yet tagged - type: - TAG TAG TAG me on photo Number # and Instagram handle please ) !!!! CAPITAL !!!! letters are visible when I scroll in case there are many comments - I don’t want to miss you :))

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#therealcatwalk by @sophiemegandavis ( TYPE : TAG TAG TAG photo number and @ if I missed anyone - to visually see your comment and tag immediately please )

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