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Kholood Eid  Somewhere between Here and There.

Still not great at eye contact but enjoying this solo leg of the trip.
Bidding my 20s adieu.

It only took me 9 years, but I finally came back to her.

Florence. So close.
Must. Stay. Awake.

Last night in Taranto and LOOK WHAT I FOUND. Been obsessed with all the dogs aka cani and here is @professorfinds's doppleganger. #😭

Passed this by right before watching the Virgin Mary come out of the sea.
Needless to say it was an interesting day.

Not quite sure how I'll sleep tonight. Solo balcony in silence. •

I closed my laptop, unable to really click on most articles that filled my newsfeed of the same shocking—but not unbelievable—images from Home.

Earlier today, on this same balcony, I wept as I read an article to Vita. It was an article in the @nytimes Vows section about a couple in their late 90s who've just married. It was a strange sensation, crying over something so beautiful—a welcome respite from the nightmare currently enveloping the U.S. •

Only, there's nothing current or new about this hatred. It's only more visible now because those in power condone the violence by not outwardly condemning it. Last night, Vita asked me if I was still up for going out. I was horrified by Charlottesville and sad that my fellow freelance friend and basically little brother wasn't enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend, but covering the madness with her in tow (I'm sure at her insistence). I told Vita, "I'm not letting fucking nazis ruin Italy." •

What a strange thing to declare in 2017.

I then spent the majority of the half hour drive to our destination yelling to the point of my voice cracking. Jesus. What didn't I yell about. I somehow managed to have a complete tirade spanning from white supremacy and institutionalize racism to socioeconomic hurdles that never allow a significant amount of the population to experience the elusive "American Dream" to how much better I'm received when folks here in Italy learn I'm Palestinian compared to how my fellow Americans respond to god knows what else. I yelled and cried and apologized and then REM's "Nightswimming" came on and I immediately fell quiet. I hadn't heard the song in years and I felt the wind whipping through the open car windows and remembered the sea was nearby and the dark winding road still lay ahead. And I was the one driving. #somewherebetweenhereandhell

Learning to make focaccia with Vita's ma.

Vita & the clementine tree I got her mom. Nightly ritual on the balcony, with the scent of the basil plant and the old limoncello found stashed under the TV stand and our music quietly playing as Lucifero is replaced with a soft breeze. Barely there, but we feel it.

After this was taken, I had a table of folks (most of whom were older parents) cheer me on and applaud because I finished my first course of dinner. And they were not being ironic. 📷 by @findingvita #stillinlovewiththesouth

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