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✨💥🇺🇸💥 ✨Holidays are more fun now they're around ✨💥🇺🇸💥✨#happy4th

Frances Says Happy Pride Everybody!! ✌🏼✌🏼❤️💛💚💙💜

My bittersweet last day at R29 is a trip thru 4 1/2 years of memories. IG only lets you post 10 photos at a time 😭, but here are some of my favorites and a few extra memories: - 48 hour notice trip to Japan to film a Motorola custom video, and then the worry of dengue - Impromptu interview of Kelly Osbourne on the Cadillac x R29 red carpet event in LA
- Sitting two feet away from Courtney Love's bare feet while she was performing at the Montauk Surf Club, fulfilling all my wildest 16 yr old dreams (thanks, Albie!)
- All of the Montauk R29 Beach House trips... - The mariachi band we hired to play while we boxed up our desks at Spring street and moved to our big time TriBeCa offices - Having Piera agree to donate funds via a full-page ad in the fledgling music magazine that my friend and I were launching during my first year at R29. And throwing us a launch party. And getting a brand to sponsor it!
- The first 29Rooms and the magic of R29 IRL in a way I had never experienced before.
- The entire BE team coming down to Manhattan City Hall during the work day to throw confetti and well wishes at me and Lon as we exited the steps as husband and wife (his work was there too!) I had a company that grew with and supported me from my wild, mid 20's, running around Greenpoint to a married lady with a baby and a big move to California... one company the whole time, how cool is that.

Instead of a tie we gave him some records 🎵

Happy Father's Day, papa Lon. We appreciate everything you bring to our lives ❤️

Another amazing day in Scandinavia

We just arrived by ferry to Geiranger, Norway. It's a tiny town at the very end of a fjord that takes an hour to get to from the nearest port. Mostly only accessible by water until 1955 when the first year-round road was opened. Along the fjord are abandoned farms that are perched into the cliffs and had once harvested fruit and raised goats and cows. My great-great grandparents immigrated to America from here in 1891 and settled in Minnesota. It might be my own projection, but it feels like a familiar place to me. The people, the weather, the mood. I had a dream last night about it before arriving. It all feels comfortable. I'm here with my mom and daughter. Three generations revisiting what we consider an incredibly beautiful place (it's a World UNESCO Heritage site). Imagine the draw of America at the turn of the century to pull people from here into that arduous journey months across the ocean. A lot to think about and consider as we explore this special land. ✌🏼 from Norway!

🌊Game of Thrones Frances ☀️#francesdaisykoontz

6:45 am on a Saturday looks a lot different now than it did 2 years ago

Mother's Day 📸 outtakes 😜#happymothersday to all the mamas out there ❤️

I tried to post this early, but Frances grabbed the phone, kissed it, and said 'Dada' on repeat. If that's not a testament to how special @lonsequitur is in our life, I don't know what is. ❤️ you, Lonnie, Happy Birthday 🎈🎊🎂

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