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khaya dlanga  Leader of the People's Army Against Typo Nazis. Author of Alan Paton Prize shortlisted book, To Quote Myself. Johannesburg, South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

When I was auditioning to be Chief Family Lobola Negotiator. I was ruled out on a mere technicality, I am an unmarried man. Are they going to ask Catholic Priests not to officiate weddings because they are unmarried as well? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

#TBT my sister and I here are sad because we know that our mother is about to leave for Monti after visiting us. She would make the seven hour trip frequently to see us at her parent's house. We lived with our grandparents while she worked to make sure we were fed and clothed.
Whenever she visited she would give us new clothes. My pants still have those brand new clothes creases in this photo. She bought a camera so that she could take pictures of us every time she saw us, having pictures of us made her feel like we were not that far. She worked at a pharmacy as a cashier, she could 'wash' the negatives for free there. That's why I have so many TBT worthy pictures. This is one of those photo shoots after one of her visits.
A few years ago she said she would cry every time she left because she felt like a bad mother for leaving us. Our father had passed away and now she was also not there.
Motherhood is hard.
She would be furious if she arrived and found us dirty. The first thing she would do demand water be boiled and bath in a waskom. When my grandparents knew she would be coming, they would make our cousins wash us and ply us with Vaseline Blue Seal.
We took many pictures standing I'm front of my grandfather's kraal.
I think I was looking at my sister to make sure she was not too sad. My mom says when I was a child I used to look after my sister (even though I am sure there were some healthy fights between us). She says she would see me sometimes if my sister had fallen hold her and say, "Thula hlo," while tapping her back.

Let me tell you about my friend @mpakie
When she moved to New York three years ago, she had all the hopes and dreams of anyone moving to the Big Apple. She took hope, filled it in her bag and stuffed it in her heart.
Her mom came over and helped her find furniture and went back home. New York was exactly what she imagined.
Three months later, she went on a weekend away in the Caribbean if I am not mistaken. It was a great weekend. Little did she know that on her return she would find her apartment burnt to the ground. She had no place in a foreign city.

Her dreams were literally in flames. She had spent all that money on her furniture already. All she had were the clothes on her back and the little weekend bag. Add to that an insurance company that was trying to find all sorts of reasons to pay out as little as possible.
Like anyone, she questioned if this was a sign that she had made the wrong decision. Maybe she shouldn't have left. Maybe, maybe, maybe.
It was in time for December holidays and her employers gave her time to see her family back in SA. She got her strength back and started from scratch again. Went back to New York. Rebuilt. Remembered why she had gone there in the first place. No one said it would be easy. She knew that.
Three years later she is flourishing in the Big Apple, building brands. She is a fully fledged Xhosa New Yorker now πŸ˜„. Many would have just given up. She didn't. Salute my friend and keep on keeping up and inspiring.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now have the lands in all of Westeros.

Me back then. Me a month ago.

Caption this

This one time when I gatecrahsed an MK March when Medina passed away. My rhythm is so off fam. How about la mama doing the most? πŸ˜„

My sister and I back then. My sister and I a month ago.

You don't understand the emotions I am going through

Looks like this is what happened.
Me: Unga jumpisi, ithini inumber sisi?
Her: inumber yama zinyo bhuti?

The Washington Memorial is the tallest stone structure in the world.
When I saw this, I was confused why the structure has two different colours. Apparently the marble used came from two different courses.
They starting building it in 1848 and only finished in 1888. They kept building and stopping due to lack of money and the Civil War.
I tried to take perfect lines and right in the center. I was somewhat successful but not completely. Just like me and relationships πŸ˜‚

I wonder what was going on in the 1st pic πŸ˜‚ and more questions for pic 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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