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I found this in a book called "And Don't Call Me a Racist" by Ella Mazel.
Today, Jeronimo Yanez, the officer that fatally shot Philando Castile, was found not guilty on all charges of shooting Castile. And I am upset that time and time again, Black bodies are shot and Black lives are ended, that time and time again, the murderer walks free without any consequence or repercussion. I recognize that nuance is imperative to acknowledge here, so to non-Black POC, know that we have a different relationship with white supremacy, and that we also benefit from it in certain ways. We should start by combatting the pervasive and dangerous anti-Blackness within our own communities.
Many of you will unfollow me for this post, or screenshot it and discuss (read: talk shit) in group chats because being a principled human being isn't nearly as important to you as being liked by your peers. But I urge you to reevaluate your priorities. Because the fact here is that racism is alive and well. And that all lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter.

The only time I went to the gym the entire school year #fitspo @meagswilson


A city so nurturing, you've never seen anything like it

Your favorite tricycle

The tables have turned

I made a joke today and someone responded "Wow that was actually funny. I always thought you were a humorless academic"

Was really trying to avoid the word 'squad' in this caption but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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my beautiful family :)

Silence and complacency are passive forms of oppression. If you disagree with anything that has happened this past week, then be an active ally. Don't just sit there silently, KNOWING that this ban is wrong and cruel. Awareness is not activism. Solely liking this picture in solidarity is not activism. Stand up, protest, vote in your midterm elections, be on the right side of history.
This ban is not only unconstitutional and unAmerican; it is inhumane.

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