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Aya  Just bcs its not here doesnt mean its not happening. Dont get too caught up in it.🌈✨🌞🌌

Light bleeds out from the edges of the orange dusk sky
And i am reminded that endings can be beautiful too, just like sunset. πŸŒ…

I know not
of how to make
dead flowers bloom again,
and i wonder if somethings are beyond saving. #midnightthoughts

Keeping my inner circle hellaa small cs cant trust nobody these days

Brushed by @megainbaliani πŸ’„πŸ’“

U’re the flipside of a frown

Byebye my 3 beautiful months of holiday

Recognize when a phase is over and allow yourself to gracefully exit situations you have outgrown ✨

Can ppl stop spreading lies and start telling the truth instead?

Crazy how ppl nowadays cant mind their own goddamn business. Dont be such a dog, sniffin around other ppl’s lives. Smh real hard.

32 degrees and aya

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