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Christina Khalil  Ex-Track Athlete YouTuber & Fitness Enthusiast Lebanon ➡️ SB🇱🇧🇷🇺 Plans👉🏼 💪🏼

Gotta say I'm living the life😹Enjoying being able to take a look at all these bike. One of the most comfortable rides I've ever sat on🙋🏼
Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so I will be out for a couple days eating ice cream and drinking protein shakes🙈#yikes #icecreamlover #rninet

Throwback to matching this beaut unintentionally🙋🏼🙆🏼 Spring's here, suns out, I'm just missing one thing...a bike😂🤔
Checking out the BMW scrambler later this week. Stay tuned🤗
#makelifearide #racer #bmwmotorsport

Happy Monday🤘🏼Hope everyone had a great Easter🐰

It's been a busy, busy day. Went to the gym and hit legs, shoulders and tris and it was tough! I could barely walk afterwards so guess what @jaretcampisi and I decided to do? Go for a run in the preserve behind our house🙈
It's been absolutely beautiful here so we're spending as much time outside as possible😁🤗☀️
I'm also starting to see progress in my figure so I'm pretty happy as the beach days are getting closer🙆🏼 time to bikini shop!😄👙
#legsfordays #selfiemonday #getup

Happy Easter Weekend!🐰
New video has gone live on my channel titled "Motorcycle Shopping at Harley-Davidson"🎥
Jaret, @njc5453 and I check out the last shop that's here locally. We then hit a track workout on a beautiful, sunny day☀️🏃🏻💨
Head on over and give it a thumbs up, links's in my bio👆🏼😸🤗
#harleydavidson #harleys

Happy Friday Everyone! Missing the warm days by the beach, but it's been absolutely beautiful the past couple days here on the East Coast☀️
We dropped off packages from our launch and hit a pull day at the gym💪🏼
Clothing is still available at so make sure to snag one🤗👏🏼😘
#jcampfit #springishere #workoutclothes

The @jcampfit shirts are now live on the website at! Head over to the website and snag a shirt or two🙋🏼First 25 orders will receive a custom bag and transfer sticker🤗
A % of sales will go towards @act4healthykids who are here to help fight childhood obesity💪🏼 Let's all come together to create a healthier future🥗
#liveinspired #livehappy #livehealthy #jcampfit

Guess what?!🙀Tomorrow at 5pm EST we will be launching two @jcampfit shirts👏🏼 I'm so proud of all the hard work and how far we've been able to come on this journey!
Be sure to head over to the website and snag a shirt. A certain % of our proceeds will be donated to @act4healthykids to help fight obesity and keep those little energy monsters running around living healthier lives🤗Jaret and I are proud to stand behind these types of organizations👏🏼 Let's all come together and choose to be happier and healthier❤️ #togetherwecan #jcampfit #launchparty

I think I'm in love😻This color scheme is absolutely stunning🙌🏼 I feel like I'm in the middle of a forest🌲
New video has gone live on Jaret's channel. We show you this beauty of a bike! Link's in his bio👆🏼 #bmw #bmwmotorrad #rideandshine

The weather went from being in the 70s and beautiful to stormy and cold in one day😭🙈
All I wanted to do today was lay around, watch movies, and stay warm, but @jaretcampisi got me off my butt and to the gym💪🏼
We recorded a couples push workout for his channel so stay on the look out for that🎥
Happy almost Friday!⛈
#cloudyday #fitnessfamily

Happy Hump Day!
It was absolutely beautiful outside today so @jaretcampisi and I switched things up and went to the track and hit a workout for leg day💪🏼🙋🏼
Can't wait to start tanning and hit the beach☀️ Time to relax the rest of the night💁🏼😸
#tracknation #trackandfield

@triumphamerica is killing me with all these amazing bikes😓I think more than one bike is needed in my future🙈🙋🏼
New video is live on Jaret's channel showing you this beauty of a bike. Link's in his bio👆🏼Give it a watch and a 👍🏼
With all these motorcycle photos I should just make a motorcycle calendar😹😼
Would you buy one?😂🏍
#triumph #thruxton #caferacers

Post push workout from today💪🏼 my legs are absolutely destroyed from yesterday and Tuesday😅
If you haven't checked out my latest video, link's in my bio👆🏼
Can't wait for this weekend, lots of exciting things coming!🙏🏼
#selfiesfordays #selfiethursday

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