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khalil khalidy 😇♊😈  23yo.🔥&💉 G.P Dr 🏩 Lic:02018127 Surgeon to be 👨🏻‍⚕️ #untraditionalbeautyK Beauty is in the eye of the beholder💕 ♊️ Art acc: @khalilkhalidy

🕯 Beyond sacrifice 🕯 .

A wise woman once said to me ,” God bless the candles , those who dedicate their lives for others comfort on the cost of their own “. . Inspiring me to do this look . .
We have so many people in our lives doing all they can , leaving their desires aside so us could enjoy what we take for granted not realising the trouble it takes .

Thanks to all the parents , doctors , teachers , policemen,,,,,,,and the list goes on and on .
Thank you .

☕️🍪 Café au lait spots 🍪☕️ . .
Being covered in beauty marks in a very unusual way , getting called names like the Dalmatians , ladybugs or the the mud splattered .
Once a patient’s mother said about her kid’s condition : “ he’s my ladybug on my shoulder an eternal lucky charm that I’ll love are guard for life “💕 Also , what have caught my attention , such people have unique multicoloured eyes due to pigmented spots in the iris which I find really beautiful 💐

Café au lait spots aren’t a type of rash or an allergic reaction, so these spots don’t itch or cause pain. Developing a spot on your body can be a cause for concern, but café au lait spots are benign pigmented lesions that don’t cause cancer.

These spots are usually smooth, although some spots can be raised. The spots are also easily identified by their coffee-like color. Some people with café au lait spots have light brown patches, whereas others have dark brown patches. Lighter patches can also become darker with age.

Although these colored spots on the skin can be harmless, having six or more café au lait spots with freckles under the arm or around the groin could indicate an underlying genetic problem called neurofibromatosis type 1.

This is a disorder that can affect the skin, nerves, and eyes. People with this disorder often have several café au lait spots on different parts of their body. Some spots are present at birth, whereas others start to develop before the age of five.

Because this genetic condition can cause bone abnormalities and language difficulties, if you (or your child) have colored patches on the skin, along with lumps under the skin or speech problems. Other complications of this disorder include high blood pressure, vision problems, and epilepsy.


🙅🏻‍♂️ Say NO to LABELS 🙅🏻‍♂️ .
Dear Hypocrisy they name is SJWs ,

For a group of people whom preaching for inclusivity and equality,, you sure do love labelling people . ,
Body size
Politics ,,and so on .
You say we don’t see colour or sex yet the only diversity you look for is a diversity of colour not intellect.

You ignore the actual issues of the world such as war , hunger , human trafficking , unemployment,,etc . And worry about the stupid issues of glorifying people who can’t control their appetite , a tv show that doesn’t have an actor of a certain race in it or screaming at a white lady wearing a kimono.

You no longer look at a person as a truly equal human being , instead you categories them into groups and consider any form of interaction between such groups a form of violation , from cultural appropriation, to gender issues , to racial discrimination... creating a huge gap , dividing people even further.
Please Stop 🛑
Introducing they self in the form of ,
Gender / Sexuality / Religion /Political part / Race /Ethnicity/ sex .
For example . { Agender pansexual Catholic Black female }
Instead of { person’s Name } . ,

Stop labelling, start loving .
#ditchlabels @lynx
#antibullying #love

Ps : the jacket is made of paper , every 🏷 label states an issue causing devision in our society .

🦉Owl’s eye🦉
In some cultures owls are considered a sign of bad luck , and in others it’s a symbol of wisdom and guidance. .

In medicine the ( owl’s eye ) serves both as a guide and a warning in which we can point out and diagnose certain diseases/disorders .

It’s a pattern in medical radiology and histopathology, and may refer to : .
~. Owl's eye appearance of inclusion bodies in cytomegalovirus infection. .
~. Owl's eye appearance as a finding in Reed–Sternberg cells in individuals with Hodgkin's lymphoma. .
~. Owl's eye appearance of basal ganglia on head CT scan images in individuals with cerebral hypoxia.

🔥 Pyromania 🔥 .
is the love for fire / burning objects. .
I’ve always been fascinated by fire ,. .
how it marked the revolution of human civilisation, how it’s so useful yet so deadly ,. .
how it’s used for warmth , light and cooking ,etc etc ,. .
how it’s considered the worst way of punishment ( HELL) . .

A solid example of the good and bad being in everything , it’s how you look at it that makes it seem good or bad , as in there is no such thing as pure good nor evil . .

Outfit by :khalilkhalidy/ me .
Photographed by : @hammad_macro

{ XP -Xeroderma Pigmentosa } - inspired fashion . 💕 dedicated to R.L 💕

Remember when I posted about kids with XP who can’t enjoy the sunlight due to their high sensitivity to the UV light waves , and how I was inspired by a little girl who was bullied by other kids regards the outfit she wears to protect herself due to her special condition?
The way they called her outfit a (rain coat) and laughed at how she’s wearing winter-wear in the summer !!!!? .
Well , I took the 2 types of materials such kids usually wear ( black heavy fabric & UV protective plastic ) and created this suit.
So keep on wearing your armour girl , you’re my fashion icon and one of the many people who inspire me to do what I do . .
#untraditionalbeautyk .
Photographed by : @hammad_macro

🧜🏻‍♀️Ichthyosis vulgaris🧜🏻‍♂️
(Fish skin )
is a skin disorder causing dry, scaly skin. It is the most common form of ichthyosis,affecting around 1 in 250 people.
It's comes in many degrees but mostly they have no major effects on the person's health except for the constant uncomfortable itch and overheating due to the thick scaly skin . .

The name (fish skin) comes from the outer appearance of the skin and that such people feel better in humid hot weather (e.x beaches 🏖 ) . .
People with ichthyosis face a psychosocially challenging life , due to their unique skin appearance, which in some cultures exceeds just the outer appearance, linking them to the lineage of the Golden Calf's creator (Samiri) whom was punished by god for sinning and was cursed with an ugly repellent skin , others claim that they are the breed of the alien reptilians and humans 🤦🏻‍♂️ , of course neither is true . .
Personally ,they look like the beautiful mosaic art , their skin has beautiful patterns , a living work of art . 💕 #untraditionalbeautyk

🦋Epidermolysis bullosa🦋

Also knows as the ( butterfly children) with a skin as fragile as a butterfly wing .

Back in the day , most kids wouldn’t survive their first year of life with sever infections due to exposed flush resulting from the flaking of the skin . .
But recently , such kids would live an average of 17 to 20 years with extreme care of being wrapped in bandages and avoiding any friction or rub with surrounding environment. .
Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of genetic conditions that cause the skin to be very fragile and to blister easily. Blisters and skin erosions form in response to minor injury or friction, such as rubbing or scratching. Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB) is one of the major forms of epidermolysis bullosa. The signs and symptoms of this condition vary widely among affected individuals. In mild cases, blistering may primarily affect the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Severe cases of this condition involve widespread blistering that can lead to vision loss, disfigurement, and other serious medical problems.
A Nurse said “They like to compare them to butterflies due to their fragility, but all I can see is that they are always smiling , spreading joy and love just like seeing a butterfly does “. They are a wrapped gift from heavens teaching us to appreciate the fact that we can hug whom we love 💕, it’s a blessing not to be taken for granted .


🎩Xeroderma Pigmentosum 🎩
Also referred to as shadow seekers or the real life vampires .

Or as I like to call it ( veiled beauty ) 💕.
While everybody is excited for the summer and looking forward to enjoy the sunshine , such people get ready for their worst enemy (the sun) .
It’s a rare skin pigmentary disorder in which the body had lost its ability to repair the damage caused by ultraviolet light of the Sun , causing a variety of problems from burn to sight problems to skin cancer .as well as having already existing problems such as deafness , poor coordination, spastic muscles and developmental delay . .
So they can’t allow any part of their skin to be exposed to sun light at all cost due to the fatal consequences. .
In order to survive they have to :
1) wear heavy dark coloured fabrics covering their whole body except the face in which a UV light proof transparent shield is put .
2) hold a device to measure UV light waves .
3 ) frequently examining their skin and sight as well as other body functions .
4) if any cancerous lesions are detected they have to be surgically removed immediately.
5) not forgetting having a supporting system of family , friends and community. .
Whether it’s hot or cold , summer or winter . They have to protect and cover themselves very well . Which causes many psychological, financial and social difficulties. .
This post is a tribute to an XP patient who was bullied by other pears for wearing (winter) clothes in hot summer weather 😡 .
But to that I say , darling u have far way more fashion items to pick from than a tank top and some shorts 😉 , you’re mysteriously alluring . .

May 15th is birthmark awareness day , yes you are beautiful and yes you are unique . ,
Here are truly inspiring ppl with birthmarks . .
#birthmark #birthmarkawareness

🤴 Thin Skin 👸
With the #MetGala2018 theme being #heavenlybodies which is inspired by the classic eras of royalty art .

I choose to show case this condition so called ( skin thinning) in which the skin layers are very thin to a degree you can see the veins, muscles and tendons underneath .
Due to variety of causes such as genetic factors , malnutrition , malabsorption disorders and sometimes iatrogenic causes . .
Back in the day specially the Elizabethan era , this trait was associated with royalty and was considered a beauty trait .
Since it indicates fragility and opulence .
Having pale skin meant you don’t have to work in the sun to earn your living . And having veins visible was increasingly admired with the rise of white powder used to give the appearance of paper skin , so having visible veins indicated your skin is actually pale and that you’re of a true royal descendant .
To the point those who didn’t have it used almond paste and Pumice stone to scrap their skin thin . Ouch 😢. Now a days it’s seen as an ugly trait and people who has it either cover it up or seek laser treatments . .
This shows us that beauty standards change with time , so just be you 💕😉

🥥 Hairy Nevus 🥥 .
Inspired by spokesmodel @marianamendes.m .
The most looked down upon out of birthmarks ,since it can’t be hidden with make up ( it isn’t smooth) so ppl who has it sadly face a lot of bullying because of it , getting called a ware wolf, tarantula face or a beast 😔.

It is a form of birthmarks ( pigment type) .

Our whole body is covered with tiny hairs that help our sense of touch , like a peach fuzz , usually they are super thin and short so they aren’t so noticeable .
But in the case of having a dark birthmark where u have extra melanocytes. The melanin makes these hairs thicker and darker , resulting in a what is called a hairy navus . .
It’s considered very hard to remove and needs multiple operations depending on its size and location .
Some might need inflatable devices inserted under the skin (tissue expanders) so they can replace it with normal skin after they remove it . .
I find it cute , like a ltl fluffy creature resting on ur body 🤗, embrace it and be proud .

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