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Khalyla  @tigerbelly

Awww she’s dreaming 💤 💕@jennajewmenez

Fam from Melbourne ❤️

When you try for goat sounds but achieve death metal instead. (Pretty sure his dick blew out three bubbles from all that internal pressure) @bobbyleelive @gilbits @tigerbelly @goat

Anything for my angel

Trailed my sister through this bait ball yesterday 🐟❤️

Hair tangled beyond repair but heart full to the brim.

Home never ceases to impress. 🇵🇭💕

Moomy 💕

Happy you’re here.

Our tiny rescue Remy had suffered years of abuse and had only been with us two months at this point. He hated men, would bark and tremble at the sight of them. On this night, Remy took one look at Brody and must have sensed the bigness of his heart because he crawled right into his lap and didn’t want to leave. Rest easy Brody, even the animals miss you.

This sweet baby still needs a home. DM me or @nicejob1023 if you live in the LA area and are interested in adopting quite possibly the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. ❤️

Holding hands with the one I love in our 3 door Prius.

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