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Khairy Jamaluddin  Opposition politician from Malaysia. Likes football, cats and bells. Wants to sail the Southern Sea.

Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Farm security.

I love my country. And I have had the honour of serving my country. And it is because of my abiding love for Malaysia that I also respect the will of our people.
The people have spoken. And they have spoken loud and clear.
We tried our best. But our best was simply not good enough.
To those that still support us, I am sorry we let you down. To those that did not, I respect your decision.
It is now time for those who have been freely chosen by the people of Malaysia to lead our country. Our country can only survive if we observe a smooth and orderly transfer of power. For without the rule of law, we are a nation bereft of justice and fair play.
To the new government and it’s Ministers, look after this blessed nation of ours. Every inch of its land is worth fighting for.
I will hold you accountable on behalf of our people as a member of the opposition. Just as you did previously.
Let us show the world that Malaysia can reunite after all that has been said and done. For all of us to build a better tomorrow. May God bless Malaysia, forever.

Selamat Mengundi Malaysia. Full video link in bio.

Barisan Nasional’s Youth Guarantee No 8: Youth participation in nation building. We will invite one young Malaysian every month with the best policy idea to present to Cabinet. TN50 grants for young changemakers, local councils to set up youth councils so you can make a difference in your local community, more young civil servants will be seconded to GLCs for corporate experience and much more. Let’s build a better nation together and have a stake in the future of our country! #HebatkanNegaraku #JomBN

Barisan Nasional’s Youth Guarantee No 7: No one left behind. Everyone fulfills their potential. I want to make sure no young Malaysian is denied the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves. Over the next five years, we will roll out training opportunities to youths with disabilities so they can be independent and contribute towards nation-building. Young offenders involved in crime and drugs will also be given a second chance to acquire skills and find employment. We will be proposing exciting initiatives for other specific groups: Tahfiz students will be exposed to job opportunities in the Halal industry and Orang Asli youth will be trained to leverage their existing knowledge in the green industries. Under BN, I will not allow any young Malaysian to be left behind. Everyone will have a chance to succeed. #HebatkanNegaraku #JomBN

Ten years ago, a young upstart wrote an article about me during one of my lowest periods in politics. It was highly critical, incisive and, most importantly, prescriptive. He didn’t just tell me what was wrong, he offered solutions on how to fix things. I liked that. I took this lad under my broken wings and we decided to piece things back together. As much as he says I have mentored him, I have learnt as much from him as he has from me. It was a great privilege to have played a small part in the development of Shahril Hamdan, the politician. But it was a greater privilege to be able to campaign for him today as one of BN’s youngest parliamentary candidates for GE14. Hardworking, honest and smart are adjectives many of his peers attach to Shahril. But to me the most important attribute he has is a vision of Malaysia that is truly united. Where our diversity is never seen to be a liability but always an asset. May this be your first step to greater success in the future. And I can’t believe I’m actually wearing a T-shirt with your gross face on it. Oh, and I can’t believe the ladies of Kuala Langat are calling you handsome. Double gross. Go and win this, little brother @shahrilh.

One of my dreams when I was appointed as Sports Minister was to establish a world class national football development academy. I wanted a place where the best young Malaysian footballers would stay and train. This would be the pinnacle of the National Football Development Programme (NFDP) which now trains more than 20,000 footballers between the ages of 7-17 across the country. From this huge number, 300 of the best players will vie for a place at the national academy.
Today, that dream is a reality. The Mokhtar Dahari National Football Academy (AMD) admitted it first batch of players this month.
With 10 FIFA-sized fields, full strength and conditioning facilities, hydrotherapy rehabilitation, sports science support and comfortable boarding facilities, AMD is the best academy in this region.
This is not a place for small ambitions. This is a place for big dreams. I want our players to want to play for big clubs around the world, to want to leave the comfort zone of just playing at home.
This is the house of Malaysian football that I built so that one day, we will see our Harimau Malaya play in the World Cup.

Barisan Nasional’s Youth Guarantee No 6: A better quality of life for young Malaysians. Although we have done so much in the last 5 years, we want to do much more over the next 5 years to improve your quality of life. I’ve tried to create a package of initiatives that will address some of your top concerns when it comes to your daily needs - more affordable, quality housing; cheaper, faster internet; a monthly, discounted public transport pass; and free early comprehensive health screening. With BN, its not just about economic growth. It’s also about making sure you have a better quality of life. #HebatkanNegaraku #JomBN

With my youngest campaign volunteer.

Joe’s Barbershop Senawang in Rembau parliamentary constituency gives you the swag you need to snag more votes.

Barisan Nasional’s Youth Gurantee No 5: Many young Malaysians have told me they are excited with our first 4 guarantees (jobs, higher salaries, opportunities for rural youths & youth entrepreneurship development). They appreciate that it’s all about empowerment - teaching them to fish instead of giving them fish, if you like. But they’ve also told me they need help, especially when starting a family. Many young Malaysians find it tough to even pay for their weddings. Many more worry about the cost of raising kids.
I’ve thought long and hard about this and managed to convince PM to approve some new incentives for the next 5 years under a BN government. Although we have done a lot, much more needs to be done. Among the new initiatives we have in mind are financial assistance for couples getting married (for the first time only 🤣), a cash top up on the ADAM50 already on offer for newborn babies, higher tax relief for parental care, a one-off grant for students from BR1M-recipient families who get into university and much more.
Someone mocked me by saying these handouts don’t help young people and that BN’s Youth Guarantee is not about empowering youths. In fact, most of our guarantees ARE about empowerment. But I make no apologies that this one is straightforward assistance. Because I’ve been listening to our youth. And they have told me empowerment is good but they also need a leg up. That’s what I hope to give them. #HebatkanNegaraku #JomBN

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