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Khairy Jamaluddin  Opposition MP from Malaysia. Likes football, cats and bells. Cooks a mean chicken rice. Wants to sail the Southern Sea.

Sent @kugatv off for his first overseas trip without family yesterday. He’ll be away in the UK for over a week attending a leadership camp. I told him l was 11 also when I left home. And that wasn’t for just a week but to attend boarding school halfway across the world. Still, it’s tough letting them go. Cats in the cradle. 😭

Husky found a nice shaggy rug to lie on.

Always nice to catch up with friends and former counterparts from across the causeway. I still believe Malaysia and Singapore share not only a past but also a closely-tied future.
Foreign Minister @vivianbalakrishnan has always found time to share his thoughts on our bilateral relations as well as a bigger perspective on world affairs.
Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing and I were both leaders of our respective party’s youth wings. He was recently announced as a likely future DPM of Singapore. We had a great discussion about voting trends of the future and the challenge of understanding the millennial generation.
Whenever I travel abroad, I make it a point to promote Malaysian batik. Plus, it’s much more comfortable than wearing a suit.

Saturdays are made of these.

A bit of a throwback tonight.
Everyone involved in an adversarial profession will have that one great rivalry. Federer and Nadal. Professor X and Magneto. Big Mac and Whopper. On a much smaller and humbler scale, mine will always be with @rafiziramli.
We have clashed swords many times and even said pretty nasty things to each other. But there will always be a rival’s respect between us.
I don’t know what the final results of the PKR elections will look like. But I want to congratulate Raf for taking on the infamous cartel, which apparently promotes old school patronage and mediocre minds, and giving them a bloody nose. We both tried to shake up our parties. And we are both out of the mainstream. For now.
If it wasn’t for his commitment to Anwar and the reform movement, and mine towards rebuilding UMNO, we could have dreamt of a new party for Malaysia. Maybe in another lifetime.
p.s. The small fellow in between us was the moderator for our PTPTN debate. He is now the Minister of Education. Both debaters ended up in the wilderness.

I love all our athletes. But this guy will always have a special place in my heart. I remember at the ASEAN Para Games in 2017, he was actually down with a fever. But he still insisted on competing and when he won, he came up to me and said, “this one is for you.” Waterworks 😭. I am so proud of @ridzuan.___ for winning three golds at the Asian Para Games AND breaking a world record. And I’m so proud of every single one of our para athletes. They remind us daily that we have no more excuses for not wanting to be the best version of ourselves. Luar biasa.

Done with my run whilst C @kugatv & L played footie. Have you worked out yet for #HariSukanNegara2018? There’s still time to get out there and get fit for life! #JomTurunPadang

Visited the champ today. He’s back from six weeks of cancer treatment in Taiwan. Lost 5kg, mostly muscle mass. Prognosis is good. Needs to strengthen his immune system. I asked if he’s going to keep playing. “Can’t wait to return to the court,” he replied. Glad to see @leechongweiofficial in good spirits and doing so well. Malaysia prays for your speedy and full recovery! #kickcancersbutt

Airborne again. Landing not too shabby. #gointobasketliftmyself @hawkskydive

Jon Snow grows up too fast.

Saw things so much clearer once you’re in my rear view mirror. Thanks, Eddie. Pearls. Wisdom.

Turning a blind corner.

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