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Khairul Nizam Lamin  A minority, finally.

Little cutie.

Jakarta, you certainly know how to build.

Hey Ma, I'm home but if you don't recognize me it's because I ate the whole of Ukraine. *burp*


Distant neighbours.

What looks to be the making of a white Christmas.

The curious bunch.

River walk.

Away from the rat race.

I’ve never considered myself as someone who can work while traveling. Being a creature of habit, home is very dear to my heart. A place where routines are precious, and comfort is a fireplace surrounded by the warmth of familiarity.
After almost a month of sleeping on a mattress in someone else’s dining room and about a week in a hotel in the middle of Ukraine; where mobile connection doesn’t exist and the only distractions are good food and beautiful people. I’ve learned that finding purpose in the happiness of pursuit is much more fulfilling than the constant pursuit of happiness. Driven by the satisfaction of creating as opposed to the satisfaction of consuming.
Someday, this might be the chosen life but for today, this may have been the best ‘vacation' I’ve ever had.

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Chasing sunlight.