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KHADEEJA • MIRZA  Living vicariously through myself 23 | London 🇵🇰

When you have children and they look like you but without all the fillers and jobs done 🤫

Try to genuinely be happy for other people, your own blessings will come in time

It ain’t no secret if I know you’re gonna keep it

Hot and bothered

Shit got super hot

When you make eye contact with a babes but they didn’t see your eyes (i’m just joking ok)

England breeds proper girls, where are all your good manners?🌹
Contour - @anastasiabeverlyhills medium cream
Highlight - @hudabeauty #rosegoldedition santorini
Eyeshadow @shophudabeauty rose gold palette coco, black truffle, trust fund
Eyelashes - #hudabeauty lana
Lipgloss - @loreal mega infallible

Baby to have your eyes

Your favourite bloggers are gold-diggers & social climbers 🤟🏻

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